About Us

Illuminating your mind and soul to connect with your body to define ownself.

We are not just astrologers but researchers to attain core understanding and implement them in practice in our modern lives.
Each individual is unique in their traits and choices. It makes us ‘Vedic Practitioners’ more intrigued to solve your complex nodes through Vedic Analogy.
Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

We have made it our habit to practise self-worth and insert that value into your soul for activating positive consciousness.

Our Experience

We started with one vision and five souls. Now we are 125 souls practising the same vision for just over 24 years. Enhancing and growing steadily by helping each other through a deep binding of thoughts and emotions allowing us to create ‘MAGIC’.

What People Say


I haven’t changed but my emotions and actions differ from my previous self. It feels like I have attained Moksha



Doing everything the same but changing my ways and intent, helped me attain fulfilment. Kudos to the Vedic Realms Team


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