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Vedic astrology is an ancient science and horoscope is a part of that. Most people won’t believe in Horoscopes even they don’t want to know the power of astrology. But at Vedic Realms, we have a team of experts who will reveal the facts of your birth and life later to understand the real value of your life. Hence, we never ask anyone to join or support any particular religion or any Idol, or any cult.

Analysis of Horoscope is a very complex process and it requires years of experience to analyze the Natal Chart. In Sanatan Dharma, the Horoscope is called “Janma Patri” where ‘Janam’ refers to birth and ‘Patri’ refers to chart which means “Natal chart”. It is the astrological chart represents the position of the cosmic entities and sensitive angles at the time of an event, known as the moment of birth of a person.

The position of the planets in your birth chart is the same as when you were born, revealing the mystery behind your life purpose, your good fortune, your personal obstacles, and more. By understanding your unique cosmic blueprint, you arm yourself with the wisdom and power to steer your destiny in any direction you wish.

Horoscope can be calculated by an astrologer on the basis of the Sun sign and planetary positions of a person. These astrology readings differ in each of the 12 zodiac signs, as they have different dates of birth. Although predictions will not always be the same for everyone, they can help anyone. Knowledge about the future is very exciting and provides a guide that can benefit the readers in different ways.


Horoscope Detailed Analysis In 10 Steps

The following 10 steps for horoscope analysis are based on the cosmic bodies of our solar system and we will study how these entities affect our lives.

1. Elements:

Describes The Effect Of Earth, Air, Fire, And Water On Our Life.

Each zodiac sign is associated with one of the four elements – fire, earth, air, and water and is known as the fundamental building block of your birth chart. Some basic characteristics are shared by all zodiac signs of the same elements. By using this birth chart you can understand which elements are strong or which elements are weak.

2. Inner Self:

Describe Your Sun Sign In Your Birth Chart.

When people ask, what is your sign? With regard to astrology, they are trying to ask about your Sun sign. There are lots more things in astrology than your Sun sign but the Sun is considered to be the most important feature of your birth chart. The Sun sign and house show how you “represent yourself” in front of the world – your spirit, creativity, and even your work.

3. Outer Self:

Describe Your Rising Sign And Your Ascendant In Your Birth Chart.

Your Rising sign represents your personality in front of the world, means how you behave, your appearance, your general outlook on life, and how you make decisions/actions. Your Ascendant represents the part of yourself the rest of the world.

4. Your Emotions:

Describe Your Moon Sign And Moon In Your Birth Chart.

In the birth chart, the Moon sign represents your emotions, your needs, and your instinct. It helps you to understand what you need from others and what makes you feel safe, supported, and secure. Moon plays as an influencer in your life.

5. Your Intellect:

Discover The Role Of Mercury In Your Life

Mercury is the planet that handles your mental state development. In an astrological chart, the position of  Mercury defines the accuracy of your mind’s works. The position of Mercury shows your attitude and mental habits.

6. Your Loving Nature:

In The Birth Chart, Venus Describe The Nature

Venus describes your relationship with others – It defines the attraction, affection, and your unique way of experiencing love. Knowledge of your venus sign helps you realize what kind of relationships you need. It also helps to know what gives you pleasure.

7. Your Daily Life:

Mars Is The Action Planet

Mars is the nearest planet to Earth in our solar system. This red planet called “Mangal Grah” is Vedic astrology. It is also known as the action planet. Because it represents your independent nature & your active side in front of the world. Your outer-self representation is given by Mars.

8. Your Strengths:

Jupiter Handles The Strength

Jupiter is known for its good luck and success in Vedic astrology. Studying about your Jupiter in your natal chart gives the idea and explores your strengths and also figures out what kind of work you would enjoy. It represents education, wisdom, wealth, and happiness. In Sanatan life Jupiter is known as the “Guru” of the other planets.

9. Challenges:

Saturn Planet Of Justice

Saturn is considered for his justice and it has a huge impact on our lives. In Sanatan life, Shani is known as the “Shani Graha” and is named after Lord Shani. It shows Where you’ve tested the lessons and challenges you face in order to succeed. Saturn is also known as the god of karma. it is directly related to our ethics, justice, career, achievements in life.

10. The Outer Planets:

Roll Of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto In Your Life

The impact of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto on our daily life is very low because these are outer planets. This means they all move slowly and remain in the same sign for several years in the birth chart that’s why they are called ‘generational’ planets. The influence of these planets affects your entire generation rather than your personal life.

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