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Lucky Number For AQUARIUS In 2022 : 11 & 8

The aquarius natives don’t hide away from struggle and hard work. This attitude will earn them results this year.They are open to challenges and are always working diligently for the achievement. If you haven’t taken vacations with family, please do plan to get away to some religious places. Keep up the competitive attitude in job and business.

This year for the natives will help develop good relations especially in business. But, keep in mind some caution and avoid any reaction to these relations. The natives with shower ample love with an improved sense of belongingness. Much attention to health is required during the entire year with the right diet and Yoga. Avoid the gymnasium on lifting heavy weights, rather try on running and brisk walking.

The natives are advised to control their impulse to reduce stress. Sports or Nature Walk will work wonders to ease stress and uncalled pressure. They should try to make good communication and sincerity their weapon to win over any individual, be in family relation, business relation or relation in general. They will have to be very tactful and diplomatic to advance in their career. Their relationship with clients will be the key to survival and recognition.


Aquarius are known for freedom, as they want to do everything according to their own ways. This year of 2022 is the time to work hard with honesty and to utilize this golden time and make it worthy. Natives of any field will yield good results and poise joy and stability. This year will see lots of auspicious events be celebrated in the family. This year will bring in much needed luck for the extra fuel required to succeed. 

The natives need to be harmonious with their mental and physical attributes, for them to find peace and achieve in all endeavors. This year your present job might appear unsatisfying and unrewarding, but it is advised to keep patience and keep doing what you do best. The natives can search for some interesting freelancing work which will help them to earn extra money and recognition. Please keep away from any conflicts and arguments at work, especially your seniors, including your manager, co-workers, and juniors. Aquarius women have some wonderful surprises in store in their relationship. The natives must take care of their heath and prefer to have vegetarian food for they might face issues with acidity, gastro, digestive and bile functinery problems. This is a great year to enroll for higher education and  enroll for programs abroad to pursue their dream career. It is advised please do not invest in land or real estate in foreign land or make any huge investments. If you do so and the deal is great, please maintain caution with agreement and legal formalities.

Aquarius Love Horoscope - 2022

The Love will have an average side for the natives this year. You might face the situation of your partner being rude and annoying with their habits and communication. Do not feel heartbroken in any means for they will realise in a few months. You have to continue to be polite and gentle. There will be problems on compatibility but render your best side to overcome and resolve. The year will end with a completely changed life on a happier and healthier note.

Aquarius Career Horoscope - 2022

The natives might face some challenges from those who are in the corporate field. Those in government sectors may have transfers. But, keep calm and try on a chanting or meditation procedure. You will be rewarded only if you keep patience and avoid arguments or conflict with higher authorities. You will achieve prosperity and recognition for keeping up the good work and the efforts.

Aquarius Finance Horoscope - 2022

The year of 2022 will improve the financial condition of the natives. They will have continuous income which will reduce their debt. But, they will have to keep a strict measure on avoiding unnecessary expenditure. Otherwise, you won’t be able to save as much as you desire. Try to make investments in property and jewelry. Try not to splurge in social and family events.

Aquarius Health Horoscope - 2022

The natives will be prone to stress and minor ailments in this year. They might face poor digestion, respiratory issues and pain in the lower half of their body. Try to keep in good health through Yoga and Running to avoid affect on your work. This might disturb your mental condition and take an overall toll on your body. Proper diet with vegetables, fruits and dry fruits is recommended.

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