Precautions & Prediction

Precautions and Prediction (Part of Astrology) play a major role in our life from the astrological point of view. As human beings, we are the smartest creatures in the universe, and on the basis of astrology, we know that our cosmic life is connected with our celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, other planets). The position and motion of cosmic entities interfere in our lives and exert their influence on our regular life.

This interference and influence can prove to be good or bad for us. I.e. why? before any unfortunate incident happens, astrologers suggest and make some Precautions and Prediction, although it may be related to our ascendant sign, moon sign, and the placement of seven planets in our birth chart. As per the prediction, they suggest some precautions and remedies which can prove to be very helpful in our future. 

Indian astrology is a very useful and guiding ancient science for precautions and prediction. It is a powerful tool to find solutions to many health and wealth problems. It also helps to bring prosperity. There is a separate branch in Indian astrology called medical astrology, which is based on birth charts and deals with our health.


How Precaution & Prediction Works

According to medical astrology regarding Precautions and Prediction, our health depends on his/her Lagna Rashi, Moon Sign, and the placement of seven planets in the Natal chart. Precise date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth are required to prepare the birth chart (Kundli). I prefer the Ashtakvarga System of Predictions; Astrology uses a lot of numbers and arithmetic calculations for quick, accurate, and effective predictions. Maharishi Parashar has mentioned the Ashtakvarga system in his great work Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. 

Indian Vedic astrology provides solutions to simple physical problems to complex psychological problems of humans through suitable Ayurvedic medicines, prayers (Mantras), and Gems-Rudraksha. In ancient times, astrologers had good knowledge of Ayurvedic medicines. There are more than 600 ancient literature on Ayurveda. The ancient texts of Garuda Purana, Kurma Purana, and Vishnu Purana mention the medical use of Gems-Rudraksha and Prarthana (Mantra).

Objectives of this study are:

  • Discuss the role of Indian astrology in the precautions, detection, and treatment of various diseases.
  • Suggest various rules as per Vedic astrology for proper selection of suitable Ayurvedic medicines, Prarthana (Mantra) and Ratna-Rudraksha. 
  • Examine the effect of Ayurvedic medicines, Prarthana (Mantra) and Ratna-Rudraksha in curing diseases.

Precautions & Prediction

Precaution and Prediction are related or we can say that Precaution is directly proportional to Prediction and both are very important. The lockdown and the spread of coronavirus are worrying everyone and it is taking a toll on everyone’s health, both mentally and physically. Precautions are always important for our life and it is suggested based on your zodiac sign.


Aries as a star sign are extremely ambitious and creative people, so it is important that the lockdown does not stifle your creativity. Improve your skillset. If you are thinking of going digital with your art, then this is the right time. Please don't ignore any problem no matter how small, don't be lazy about any kind of pain Whatever you are facing and seek help immediately or it may cause problems in future.


People who fall under this zodiac need to take care of their skin. All the mental stress caused by this whole pandemic can show up on your skin. Please take care of your diet, especially your allergies. You also need to think before speaking, so that you do not hurt anyone.


During this period you should avoid taking too much stress and be careful with your decisions as it may affect your future. You may see investment or business opportunities, but they may not be fruitful. Patience is the key in such a situation.


It is important to take care of your stomach and appetite. Do not experiment too much with food, no matter how tempting it may be. It is very important to take care of your complete diet. Try not to do anything that your digestive system doesn't allow. It is advised to control your anger and speech.


You must be going through a feeling of restlessness and thoughts are constantly running through your mind. You also want to move ahead in terms of your career but not being able to do so is frustrating. Offering water to the Sun and meditating are ways you can practice. Even if you are talking to someone, keep an eye on what you are saying so that it is not used against you.


Most of the Virgo zodiac sign people will be going through major ups and downs in their love life. This lockdown is stressful for all young lovers, especially since you cannot meet your partner. You need to take care of your stomach and also need to pay attention to your food and drink.


Time is favorable for those studying. If you put your whole mind into education, even if it seems difficult at present, your stars will support you on this. Focus on studies and build new skills. It is important to be patient with loved ones, as your tone can upset them.


Your stubborn nature is something that can upset your loved ones. So you need to be careful, especially if you are working from home. Make sure you share cordial relationships with all your superiors, and your bosses or it may cause problems or resentment in the near future.


Most of you must be going through the problem of extreme anger already, and now with the COVID-19, it will get worse. So it is important to meditate and pray to Lord Shiva, as your anger and tone will not be controlled, creating misunderstanding with loved ones. It is important to keep your patience.


People born under this sign can handle unfinished business as you are currently full of enthusiasm. You can also engage in any kind of creativity or workout, and use your inner energy, or it can lead to aggression, and that will be problematic. Please be careful people, and don't get yourself into any kind of debt.


We all are going through the extreme stress of lockdown but most of the people of this amount are facing the problem of spending their money. They have to deal with everyday problems. Your debts and external finance problems may put you under stress due to which you may also have to face insomnia. This in turn will affect your blood pressure. It is important to be positive. As a remedy, you can try the "Remedy of Saturn".


Pisces sign people will be going through a lot of stress as well as a lot of troubles in their personal life. It could be anything, for example, a property issue, but don't worry as it will get resolved. The talent and patience that Pisces sign people have will help them with monetary issues. Please take care of your bones by taking the necessary precautions.

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Precautions and Prediction are related or we can say that Precaution is directly proportional to Prediction and both are very important. You couldn’t avoid any of them. Currently, astrologers around the world provide 140,000 minutes of consultation daily through over 1,500 proven astrologers. About 68,000 of those minutes are spent advising people about love, relationships, and marriage, and the rest on jobs, careers, and business. Book your session today for the best you deserve. Our team of Vedic Realms and their practitioners can guide you to achieve the best of your capabilities.

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