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Vastu is a Sanskrit word and it stands for Vaas + tu which means “Live Too”. It is an ancient Sanatan science that includes advice and guidelines for your home. From the entrance of the house to the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, storeroom, and courtyard, everything needs to be in the right direction with enough space. In Vastu Shastra, we study how we can manage our home. It is not only believed to solve the problem related to home but also supports our health and wealth.

You have seen around you, people face problems like financial issues, health-related problems, mental problems, mental health, etc. You may not believe it but it happens because of Vastu Dosha.

Vastu experts believe that these diseases are caused due to ignorance of Vastu principles. As per Vastu applications, you can remove Vastu defects from the house by making some changes to the rooms, replacement of items, and rearranging the interiors.

Mainly we use Vastu in our house to avoid negative energy that affects our health and create positive energy which gives you a positive and attractive environment. As we know and Vastu also says, the whole universe is created by 5 elements: earth, air, fire, water, and space. It is not wrong if I say that these elements are very important for life but the balance of these elements in your house is also important to attract positivity in the house.


Importance of Eight Directions

Everyone knows that we have four cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West and four intercardinal directions: North-West, North-East, South-East, and South-West. You should know that each direction represents an aspect of life and is ruled by different deities. While the north direction stands for wealth, and the south direction stands for dharma. Whereas east and west direction signifies prosperity and overall success.

Defects and their effects

The position of the rooms and the wrong placement of objects have a bad effect on our life. These effects are caused by some directional faults. Although the exterior structure of many buildings may be the same, the internal arrangement changes the perception of the residents. Let’s see the consequence of directional defects.

Consequences Of North-East Defect

  • Family arguments
  • Business dispute
  • Divorce case
  • Children clash
  • Accidents
  • Business losses and more.

Consequences Of North-West Defect

  • Legal problems
  • Friends and relatives issues
  • More enemies
  • Problems with neighbors and more.

Consequences Of South-East Defect

  • Psychic problem
  • Fear of theft
  • Health issues
  • Clash between husband and wife
  • Anxiety and more.

Consequences Of South-West Defect

  • Cheating
  • Money robbery
  • Delay in marriage
  • Disrespect
  • Bad habits
  • No promotion, no success, and more other things.

If you are facing any of these consequences, book your session now and consult with our Vastu experts. In Vedic Realms, we provide the best precaution and remedies for Vastu Defects.

Some Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra

By implementing Vastu Shastra at your home, you not only protect yourself or your family but also give an attractive look to your home. Let’s see how the principles of Vastu Shastra change our home interior.

1. Shape:

The shape of your house and room should be square or rectangle.

2. Room Basic:

The arrangement of your room should be ventilated, well-lit, bright, and clean. This rule also applies to the corners of each room as well.

3. Home Center:

Make sure there is nothing in the center of the house. There should be an empty space.

4. Stairs and Furniture:

If you are living in a duplex house then the south-west direction is good for stairs. Large and heavy furniture like cupboards, almirahs, etc. should be kept in this direction also.

5. Water:

Always avoid plants and water objects like fountains, aquariums, paintings for waterfalls, etc. in the bedroom.

6. Dining Table:

Make sure your dining table is near or next to the kitchen and does not lie in front of the main door.

7. Mirror Placement:

Keeping a mirror in the bedroom and viewing a reflection of sleeping people is unfavorable. If you ever put a mirror in the bedroom, then keep in mind that the bed is not visible in it.

Tips for the Structural Position According to Vastu Shastra

Structural Position North South East West North East North West South East South West
Kitchen Avoid Best
Staircase Avoid Best
Toilet Avoid Best
Boring or U-Ground Tank Best Avoid
Temple Best
Over Head Tank Best
Master Bedroom Best
Kids Room
Guest Room Best
Living Room Best

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Our home is the source and principle of our energy. We attract negativity through our deeds, thoughts, actions, etc which then takes over not only in us but in our place as well. The negativity at homes needs urgent correction for it, our core source of energy. The correction can be done through replacements of existing belongings, placement of furnishings, Vastu Ritual, Grah Puja (Home Worship), etc. The intent is to bring positivity which ultimately helps bring more positive energy into the residents. If you have persisting problems in your relationship, job, anxiety, etc, can be the positioning of your house. And, we can support you through our Vedic Practitioners with relevant Vastu Solutions over a video call once you have booked your session with our website. With ‘Vedic Practice of Vaastu’, we formulate the rightful changes to spread ‘Positivity Around’ you.

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