We are indebted to all Love we receive and our process is to keep increasing that matrix : Vedic Science as our Value and Vedic Analogy as our Practice.


I am deeply humbled and grateful to Vedicrealms astro bodies. You people did my important Pooja on my behalf . I never see or feel this type of puja online . It was my first experience with this type of feelings to complite this ceremony through googlemeet , and must say—I felt the protective, love, and safe all the way across the world. I highly recommend you .


Roosevelt Rd
Suite 304 Westchester, IL 60154 , USA

I whole heartedly recommend Mr. Dash to be my family astrologer .Thanks lot from my whole heart for your accurate prediction. I got my first job within your predicted time.


Seminary Street
Rockford, IL, 61104 USA

It is such a fulfilling moment to finally be sure of your own decisions and choices in life. Incredible love to the Vedic Realms Team for your support & help.

Kristen Moore

Fashion Model

I was not too sure initially, but my wife insisted, and trust me, I would have missed a golden opportunity. Vedic Realms Team, you guys are just amazing.


House Wife

I have so much to talk and write about you guys, but I just feel like flying to India and meeting you personally. Do let me know however I can support you move this into a revolution.

Estelle Leonard

Credit Officer

To help my kind of a person practise a new form of life without changing my religion was not a daunting task but kind of impossible. I can't stop talking about you guys, more power to the Vedic Realms Team.

Fionn Zarubica


Addiction took me away from my family, career and eventually life. I just stopped living till I made that call to Vedic Realms. I just can't thank God enough for getting me to the Vedic Realms Team.

Felicity Trump

Social Activist
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