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Puja also spelled as pooja/pujan in ancient Sanatan Dharma is performed to bring happiness, affluence, and peace to our life. Everyone wants happiness, positivity, and vibrancy around them. But are they doing or practicing anything for their ambition? It won’t be wrong if I say that you can attain peace of your soul by adopting faith in gods or deities.

It has been thousands of years, many civilizations and religions believe in god and they do Puja or Pooja to prove their devotion and wish for their affluence to the deities. It is not difficult to apply these aspects and incorporate the idea that brings affluence. May, you have known about “Pujan/Pooja/Puja and how they shape prosperity”.

If not, please visit our blog “How Pujan/Puja brings positivity and shape prosperity“. It will definitely help you to understand the whole scenario of Puja.

Online Puja is mainly done in two ways: Hybrid and Smart. Hybrid: In hybrid rituals, a pandit (priest) comes online and does all the rituals and guides the devotee to perform the rituals. Smart: In smart rituals, the pandit performs all the rituals and the devotees watch the whole process live and pay their devotion/attention with a pure heart. Any kind of puja needs a holy place to perform all the rituals and it is considered as the house of deities.


Puja Ghar which means the place of worship spreads positive energy in the house. It is believed that puja is the easiest way to attract positive energy and remove negative energy from our lives. It is said that all the members who join the puja through the puja connect themselves to a particular source and use their energy to eradicate all the negativity. Puja stands for the worship of a deity through the observance of rituals including daily prayer offerings after a bath or is varied as the follows:

    • Sandhyopasana: Sandhya + Upasana: It is the process of worshiping the deities at the junctions of time.
    • Aarti: Method of worship which includes lighting a “diya” and ringing of bells and offerings to the deities amidst devotional songs and prayer chants.
    • Homa: Also called “Havana” is a fire ritual and perform with mantra for peace and affluence. 
    • Jagarana: It is a ceremony consisting of the all-night vigil, songs, and dance in honor of a deity and puja
    • Upavasa: Ceremonial fasting.
All these rituals are performed for worship and people believe that in this way, they can attain purity of mind and focus on the divine.

Need of Online Puja

Online Puja is a ceremony or ritual during which we contribute and wish to God to get blessings or courtesy or merciful sight in the form of prasad. During the puja, we regularly recite holy hymns or verses or mantras that inspire us to connect with God and make ourselves peaceful. The whole ceremony of Puja is a representative way of showing devotion to a deity and renouncing oneself in the raised area, as an attribute of genuine love. Devotees organize online puja just because they are unable to find a good pandit (priest), or they live far from home or they can’t find proper saamagreeh (Ingredients of puja), or any other reason, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot get the benefit of “Online Puja”. Everyone gets the benefit who attaining the puja with a pure heart.

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Online Puja gives the same benefits as other worship methods do. It is the easiest and beneficial way to perform all the rituals when you don’t have all the resources like Ingredients of puja, puja ghar, pandit (priest) or you live far from home. At Vedic Realms, our team of Vedic experts and practitioners performs all the ceremonies and rituals for your bright future and that it brings prosperity to your life. Performing rituals brings affluence and positive energy to the family too. Please book your session at the earliest to see as the best of yourself.

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