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Mantra is not just a combination of words, it is the hymn of the universe. That is how it is told that the pronunciation of the words has to be perfect to achieve the right hymn to sync with the sound of the universe. As per the Vedas, the perspective of Mantras has a special mention which is a proven fact on the element of creating positivity.  The chanting of mantras provides various vibrations which have a positive effect on our brain. It has been mentioned in Vedas that when we chant mantras, the subconscious brain gets activated and thus helps in bringing holistic consciousness. Also, bringing peace to the mind. Mantras are considered to be the stepping stone to enlighten your path to prosperity and success. It is through Mantras that help you with better awareness of your manifestations.

Both mantra and tantra originated from the ancient scriptures i.e. Vedas. Vedas actually were orally versed in Mantra format by Lord Brahma and compiled into scripture by Maharishi Vyasa in four Samhitas i.e. collections. The Mantra or Mantram is a sacred utterance of words, phrases, or syllables primarily in the Sanskrit Language which is chanted for a definite purpose. Each set of Mantras or Mantra has a meaningful occurrence and effect to enable powerful positive results for the individual chanting or practicing them. The source of all Mantra is ॐ (“Om” or “Aum”). Mantras are a set of verses and phrases which are spiritual interpretations of celestial powers to enable humans to reality for peace, love, knowledge, and truth. All the mantras carry deep meaning and are musically uplifting to encourage your soul to the enlightened path. There is an alternate form of Mantras which is Tantra, but these are mechanisms of shortcut to push your achievement. These are forms and means which are not encouraged by positive communities, but if an individual seeks tantric siddhi (neo spiritual accomplishments), should be well guided in phases by a Vedic Practitioner or a Vedic Coach. This is done through a religious ceremony, there is a set of step-by-step procedures that the devotee needs to do for fruitful and desired results. Mantras are the first form of enlightenment and the rest all follow in the form of Tantra, Buddhist Verses, etc. All are powerful, but Mantra gives the deep-rooted result and it is a slow process of gratification but the most effective one.


Mantra acts like magic if all the verses and phases are well pronounced with a deep connection of soulful thoughts and positive living. Each Mantra has its own meaning for the purpose it has to fulfill. It gives you the power to reach your true self and inner strength for a meaningful life. It is a strengthening tool for your mind and is designed to help any individual practice real purpose and build meaningful examples. It provides peace of mind to the individual or devotee and gives strength to fight in every difficult situation. Mantra chanted with the right pronunciation has the power to enable all seven chakras in the exact direction to fulfill the real purpose. You will see for yourself the incredible changes in yourself when you start chanting mantras; Chanting of mantras can bring positive and effective changes in your life. The mantra represents the deities or cosmic forces and is known to create immense effects through sound vibrations and hymns. When we start chanting mantras it creates energy waves and the living entity starts vibrating in line with the energy and spiritual appeal of the mantra.

Benefits of Chanting Mantra

The benefits associated with Mantra chanting are immense, but the most important aspect is the alignment of your mind to your body and the connection to your soul. Regular chanting can bring in objective benefits and you could yourself evaluate the positive changes within.

  • Enlightenment of Soul 
  • Self-awareness
  • Stress Reduction
  • Calm & Composure 
  • Self-compassion
  • Positive outlook

These are to mention only a few subjective benefits, but there can be many on the objective front and manifest your goal. You can meditate in many ways, and it helps to feel that an evolved power is working around us. It develops a feeling of gratitude towards the universe and all around you. The chanting of the Mantra helps people to attain salvation and frees them from their malefic karma.

Power of Mantra

The power of mantra is belief in yourself, you can feel the power while sharing your artificial self and allowing your inner self to transcend. Mantras do not have any particular religion, you can choose according to your own consciousness of will to follow a particular path. The chanting of the mantra will provide universal truth to those who have devotion in the universal or celestial power and have the ability to absorb it. You can find the roots of the verses in the most ancient religious text “Vedas” and through which the great spiritual traditions of the world including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Sufism, and Buddhism, have been formulated. Spiritually as a practice is followed in every tribe or society which has enabled us to understand the deep-rooted secrets of the universe and build a holistic development for ourselves and the community.

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The magic of Mantras can be evaluated only when you practice, not just preach. As each Mantras have formulated texts and verses for a particular purpose, it is mandatory for an individual to follow the requisite ritual. We as modern Vedic Practitioners and Vedic Coach try to formulate mantra rituals around your urban lifestyle, for you do not be detached from your existing responsibilities. 

Mantras are basically magical spells which have wonderful results only when the traditional medium is followed. It is the combination of words that are chanted in a particular order and helps to achieve the desired result and fulfill your wish. Self-awareness, less stress, calmness, self-compassion, and a positive outlook are a few benefits you can grab by chanting Mantras. 

At Vedic Realms, a team of Vedic practitioners seeks the best to explore the capability of an individual towards respective enlightenment and success. Please feel free to talk to Vedic Coach and book your appointment for a quick note of understanding.

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