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Numbers play an important role in our life. You must have seen many people around you achieving great success in a short span of time. But have you ever wondered why some people achieve huge success without much effort while you work hard but still can’t achieve as much success as you deserve? The answer to this question lies in numerology. Everything that happens around us is nothing but a numbers game. Vedic Realms can help you unravel the mystery of your lucky numbers. Our team of Vedic experts and practitioners can guide you to achieve the best with your capabilities.

Numerology is a science that states that each number has its own role and purpose. It has cosmic meaning, guidance from specific numbers, and more. A number of combinations and numerology consultations can reveal a lot about your life. Do you know? There is a connection between the “date of birth” and the “name” of any person. In numerology, birth date is the key element for calculations and predictions.

Numerology consultation is a modern way to bring about effective changes in your life. There are more things you can do to bring about permanent positive change. That should be combined with other forms of ‘Vedic study of astrology’. We at Vedic Realms are a team of Vedic practitioners who seek the best to explore the capability of an individual towards respective enlightenment and success. Please book your appointment at the earliest to see yourself change towards the best.

Benefits of Numerology Consultation

Numerology is becoming more and more popular with time. It can help you make the right decisions and choices in your life. It allows us to discover our weaknesses, strengths, and more. Know more about numerology counseling.

These are some numerology benefits:-

  • Knowing Your Existence
  • Checking Compatibility
  • Career Goal
  • Right Name For Baby
  • Business Name
  • Brand/Product Name
  • Solutions To Your Problems
  • Right Place For Career & Living

1. Knowing Your Existence

The numbers obtained from your date of birth and name define the existence of your life. Who am I, why am I here, what is my role, your positive and negative traits, and one such other question like this, is answered in numerology. Numerology can help you find your goal and bring you achievement.

2. Checking Compatibility

When it comes to checking the compatibility of two persons, numerology is the best way to check their core numbers. This means, if most of their core numbers are compatible, they are highly compatible, or if their core number is not compatible, they are highly incompatible. Knowledge of compatibility through numerology is very useful in our life. It can help you to find your perfect life partner, business partner, employees, etc.

3. Career Goal

If you choose your career or passion according to your core number, it will be very beneficial for you and it will give you a great result. For example, number 1 is the leading number of exploring, initiating, management, etc. If number 1 exists in your core number especially in your “date of birth” number then you have the capability of becoming a great leader, a good explorer, initiator, excellent boss, or superb manager.

4. Right Name For Baby

Name is very important for everyone because it becomes our identity. See, the first name is a very important thing. We identified by our name. In numerology, the first name number is one of the most important numbers which are considered for reading. If the first name is compatible with a person’s birth number or life path number, the name will be very beneficial for that person. So, before choosing your baby name, you should consider numerology.

5. Business Name

Behind any successful business, a name is equally responsible as a business idea. Because name defines the meaning of your business. Choosing the right business name is as important as choosing a niche. And a right business name chosen according to numerology can boost the success of that business.

6. Brand/Product Name

Brand/Product Name is as important as the business name. Therefore, you should consider numerology before choosing a brand or product name.

7. Solutions To Your Problems

In numerology, the usage of lucky numbers and lucky colors can help to find solutions to your problems. Numerologists suggest advice like a name change or spelling change, signature change that proved very useful in many people’s lives.

8. Right Place For Career & Living

Some places and cities are not lucky for everyone according to their numerology and they face difficulties in their career and living. Using numerology, you can find your best city, town, or country where you can achieve success. For choosing the best place for your career and living, you must consult with a numerologist.

Types Of Numerology

There is no way to figure out your destiny, but in astrology, we predict the extent that there is one single perspective. There are multiple approaches to numerology and astrology, and they are based on the basis of history and territory. Numerology is based on the mysterious relationship between numbers and physical beings and objects.

Types of Numerology that can change our life.

  • Chaldean Numerology
  • Western Numerology
  • Kabbalah Numerology
  • Hebrew Numerology
  • Tamil/Indian Numerology

1. Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean numerology is known as the oldest form of numerology and this numerology actually has more in common with kabbalah than Eastern teachings. Chaldean numerology is also known as “Mystic Numerology” because a major part of its astrology is taken through Kabbalistic interpretation. In astrology, single-digit numbers represent the outer personality of a person and double-digit numbers represent the inner personality of a person.

2. Western Numerology

Pythagorean numerology is the base of Western numerology. This numerology system is very popular and easy to understand and get implemented in real life. It is developed by the Pythagoras and the system is used for development is called Pythagoras’s teachings. In this technique, numerologists use a person’s name and date of birth. 1-9 numbers are used for analysis whether 11 and 22 are known as ‘master vibration’. A person’s name is converted into a number, and from the result, a great deal can be shown regarding your potential and personality traits.

3. Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology comes from Judaism, a sub-branch of Jewish mysticism. According to this technique, everything in the world has its own energy, and energy is the source of life and power. They believe every person possesses energy and their name is the activation key. In this numerology analysis, numerologists use a person’s birth name and from that, they predict their future, interactions, and the natural events of his/her life.

4. Hebrew Numerology

Many numerologists use Hebrew numerology for their astrology analysis. This technique is very effective and provides superb results but still, it is not so popular as others. It is very hard to understand because this numerology uses its own alphabet. To bear down the problem of explaining the Hebrew alphabet, they covert the letters to the English alphabet. But still, they are unable to convert all the Hebrew alphabet to English equivalents and the whole letters are arranged in a different order. That is why it is very difficult to understand Hebrew Numerology. The method we use to calculate the numerical equivalence of letters is known as Gematria.

5. Tamil/Indian Numerology

According to Indian numerology, each person has three digits associated with them. The first represents the psychic number, which refers to the way one sees oneself (calculated using the date of birth). The second represents the destiny number, which describes how the world is viewed (calculated by adding together the dates of birth). The third name represents the number, which reveals relationships with others (requiring math calculations based on sound frequencies belonging to a particular number).

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Time to know about your luck, reach your goal, get success, peace in life, a good life partner, and more. But it is seen that people feel unlucky because they have money but no confidence, and lack success after applying extreme efforts. Numerology consultation changes your luck and life. Numerology is a science that states that each number has its own role and purpose, it has cosmic meaning, guidance from specific numbers, and more. A number of combinations and numerology consultations can reveal a lot about your life. Numerology suggests remedies to secure a better and successful life. Book your session today. This session transforms your course into the desired result. Numerology consultation is a modern way to bring about positive changes in your life.

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