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Lucky Number For LEO In 2022 : 5

The cheerful nature of the natives bring them luck, wisdom, expansion and prosperity. The natives open for any opportunities and make it favourable for them. They act cautiously, level-headed, and without haste.

The natives born under this sun sign will have a good year. The natives will be in great balance with family and work. There will be joy but if the natives only take care of their health. Otherwise, it might fill them with mental stress and eventually deteriorate health.

The Leo natives will be looking at alternative careers or changes in their profession this year. For the natives who are in business will have some worries but try to stick to your strengths and nurture networking. It will help the natives manage harmony with their tensions and dissolve all stress. So, you will have to be emotionally strong to keep up the inner strength. If you think you are unable to get it yourself, please consult a Vedic Astrologer or Scholar to help with the right directive.


It is a must to be in control of yourself and assert the right powers at the right time. That is how the natives will boost their self esteem and amplify opportunities and define purpose. The natives will have to spread love to truly exert prosperity. This will allow the natives to take up any sort of challenge and drive the desired results. You will hence draw a lot of attention at work as well as in personal life which might allow you to be the prime focus.

This is the year where the natives can expect a promotion in jobs. But only if they take good care of their health and avoid excessive strain. If not taken care off, might push with spending much on health issues and depleting their finances. Please do not speculate but try the right action with structured calculation.

There is a chance for the natives to have higher education and fulfill their long yearned desire of a professional degree. But, they will have to move cautiously in all aspects during this year. They will have deep trouble if they rush into something without proper planning. Be it their career, love life, relationships, business etc. Then this year can turn sides and be rather stressful for the natives. It is important to plan right for the desired results. Avoid jumping to any decisions without giving the right time and thought then regret later. If the natives plan well this year can help them pay up their debt and loans. Indeed, there are chances of natives receiving large amounts of money, even inheritance of property.

The later part of the year may bother you with tension in family relationships and your physical health. You will have to avoid all kinds of negative thoughts accumulated since years of over thinking. There is a possibility of natives suffering from Vata (Air Borne) and Pitta (Digestion & Metabolism) diseases. They might also face issues with their eyes, nostrils and throat. 

The natives who have been in relationships, this is the right year to settle down with your loved ones. A native might receive multiple marriage proposals from known family and friends, please be very careful on your choice for there might be trouble initially. The long term relation which natives might have been hiding can also be discussed with families. It is best to communicate with your partner first before assigning any commitment to each other.  Because communication will help sail through all troubles and bring in ultimate harmony.

As the natives will spend most of their energy at work, they will have to rekindle the flame and passion in their personal life. It is the time for the Leo native to start communicating with all in family and friends for a balance to be maintained in relations. Please follow a proper diet, keep at least 30min for exercise daily in your routine, and spend more time with family to relax and rejuvenate.

Leo Love Horoscope - 2022

In the year 2022, Leo native will have a topsy turvy love life. They will encounter conflicts with their partners but communication will be the key to bliss. Those in long-term relationships can plan to tie the knot for this year to be right for them as per all Vedic Planetary positioning. There might be conflicts and differences of opinion but nothing much to be bothered.

Leo Career Horoscope - 2022

This year will be great for Leo natives for jobs as well as business professionals. Both will have considerable opportunities and progress during this year. There is a possibility of a new source of income for the natives in the form of partnership or independently. The natives will have desired gains and remain satisfied for they will earn respect and regard at their workplace.

Leo Finance Horoscope - 2022

For the Leo natives, this year will be great with finances. They will be blessed with new income sources and also elevating their savings. There will be professional progress and thus will have an increase in wealth. There is a chance of acquiring and inheriting wealth through family, life partners, or partners during this period.

Leo Health Horoscope - 2022

This year will bring health issues for Leo natives. As mentioned earlier the natives might face issues with their respiratory and digestive channels of their bodies. There are chances of major diseases and injuries in 2022 and that is how natives are advised to take extra care during traveling, walking on stairs, swimming etc. 

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