Queries are good for any practice be rightfully implemented. Listing few of the most asked queries by Practitioners and replies by the Vedic Realms Team.

It is a practice of better living through positive mind, action, emotion and learning.

Never, Vedic formats are ways of life to attain fulfilment. Nothing to do with religion.

As mentioned, it is a process you are open to having as many sessions as possible.

Unless you practise the actions till the recommended time advised, please have patience.

All are welcome to our Ashram located in Dehradun or our Corporate HQ in Noida, but only by appointment at least 45 days prior.

It is best to altogether avoid during the practice process, and we guarantee you will fall in love with your new habits.

You can see changes after practising recommended solution after the first session itself. But at least three sessions are best for your pursuits of sustained happiness.

Yes, you can. We have our workshops dedicated to family sessions, which can be your donation.

We have limited products listed online, but recommended one’s definitely can be.

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