Which Rudraksha Is Best For Students? A Brief Overview

Which Rudraksha Is Best For Students? A Brief Overview

Rudraksha is a religious bead scientifically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. The Rudraksha is derived from the words Rudra(lord shiva himself) & Aksha(tear of an eye). The major creator of the Vedic age is known to be Lord Shiva & in different historical eras, Shiva is shown as wearing beads of rudraksha. So lord Shiva himself was the first who discover the benefits of rudraksha. Generally, rudraksha is seen in any picture of Shiva. He either wears it around his arms or on his head. As a result, a lot of religious people started wearing rudraksha as well. A few of them also think that Rudraksha holds the secret to the entire evolution of the universe. Following its discovery, Lord Shiva handed it over for the progress of future generations. For thousands of years, the people of Nepal and India worn this religious rudraksha bead to maintain mental & physical health.

However, few people know that students can also wear original rudraksha beads(Nepal) to attain perfection in their academics and awards. Rudraksha helps students in developing laser-like focus and concentration power. In this blog post, the only goal is to state different types of rudraksha(Nepali) that students can keep to stay calm and focused on their schoolwork.

Does Rudraksha Help Students In Studies?

In our Hindu society, rudraksha is the most blessed, strong & promising bead with important medical and spiritual properties. For yoga and meditation, rudraksha beads are an essential component with the ability to calm emotions, relieve tension, and produce positive energy. In brief, rudraksha is a seed of understanding.

Rudraksha promotes the development of your aura. It will make you feel relaxed mentally like a butterfly shelter. In today’s world due to the rise in the cost of education, it becomes difficult for students to keep up with their studies while remaining calm. They are not able to get good marks regardless of their best efforts and these things are decreasing the confidence of students. One of the astrological treatments is to use the right rudraksha beads for study purposes. So parents are searching for the best rudraksha for students that helps them in their studies.

Best Rudraksha for Students

The best rudraksha for students are 4 mukhi, 6 mukhi, and Ganesh rudraksha.

Lord Brahma is the ruling god of 4 mukhi rudraksha and effectively boosts memory, focus, and engagement. It improves the intelligence, knowledge, imagination, and understanding. Therefore 4 mukhi is best for students, artists, writers, and researchers.

To increase intelligence and communications skills 6 Mukhi Rudraksha is exceptional. This rudraksha blessed the wearer with self-control, knowledge, and a stable mind. Thus, 6 mukhi is best for school & college going students.

The other name of lord ganesa is known as Lambodar which means one with a long trunk and elephant head. Lord Ganesa’s trunk is the symbol of intelligence, success, and wisdom. Thus believed to be the best rudraksha for students.

4 Mukhi Rudraksha For Students

Char mukhi rudraksha is also recognized as four-faced rudraksha. It represents the universe creator lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati and has four natural lines running from one end to the other. The originator of rational, logical & structural thought skills is lord Brahma. Goddess Saraswati increases the intelligence of a person and helps to develop the ability to understand things on a larger scale.  

 The four-headed god Brahma is known for his visionary and creative mind. He improves the reach of basic awareness and reasoning thus it helps students to solve their problems with a creative mind of thoughts. This bead decreases shyness and cowardice and increases the vocal & word capacity. The most effective and best rudraksha for students, artists, professionals, scientists, scholars, and designers is the 4 mukhi rudraksha bead.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha For Students

According to Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, the 6 mukhi rudraksha is allocated to Lord Kartikeya & Nirmaya Sindhu who represent it as Gahasangyak or hidden learning. The 2 sons of lord Shiva, Kartikeya, and Ganesh take it collectively from Jabalopanishad. Kartikeya who was born into the Ganga was raised by 6 women from a young age according to Rudra Samhita. He had six heads For each of these mothers. 

To defeat the demon Tarakasur Kartikeya was called by lord Shiva. Godess Parvati & Shiva teach him cognitive strength, and martial arts by providing him with knowledge of the battle. Parvati blessed him with never-ending luxury & wealth along with the ability to live eternally.   you can also please the god Mahalakshmi by pleasing this rudraksha. 

By wearing 6 mukhi with 4 mukhi rudraksha you can excel in education. The combination of this rudraksha helps to remove defects like hesitation while giving a speech. Students, artists, writers & scientists who are engaged in learning and mental work can wear 6 mukhi rudraksha. 

Ganesh Rudraksha For Students

The rudraksha of any mukhi is referred to as Ganesh Rudraksha. In other words, rudraksha had a trunk-like elevation on his body called Ganesh Rudraksha. For students, this rudraksha is best as it increases the intelligence, wisdom & dull personality of the wearer.  By wearing this bead students are able to find a way to defend academic problems with trust, and reach success.

Can I Wear Rudraksha While Sleeping?

In the mind of astrologers, a question appears Can rudraksha be worn while sleeping or not? Some astrologers strongly believe that natural rudraksha beads can be worn while sleeping because they are pure entities. Others think it couldn’t be worn while sleeping at night activity because it can break the holiness of a rudraksha bead & can lead to negative thoughts in the mind. Ultimately, astrologers who strongly believe counter that and say rudraksha has a purifying effect that saves us from negative energies while sleeping


The blog mentioned above goes over which rudraksha is best for study & how it is helpful for students and which bead improves the student’s educational performance and overall well-being. Students can work to their full potential by utilizing the bead’s spiritual power. Rudraksha purifies the aura, improves reflexive power, and protects against negative energies around students while they are studying and sleeping. So for parents/students who are exploring a rudraksha bead, it is recommended to buy a good quality rudraksha from a well-reputed & trusted vendor. 

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