Birthstone and it's benefits on your life and family

Birthstone and its benefits on your life and family

Each individual who has come to earth are blessed and needs to serve a purpose. It is now on the individual to understand what and how the purpose is to be achieved or be guided to have the achievement. It is absolutely wrong to term any of your sufferings or problems as intended by God or the Almighty. The supreme power is all about positive, good and progress, so how can the supreme power make you suffer. It is actually your evil and unlawful deeds (Karma) as per the universal law which makes you suffer. Looking at the overall dearth of understanding and awareness, it is for communities like ours i.e., Vedic Realms who bridges the gap of knowledge and understanding. There is various matrix which has to be disbursed through sessions for individuals to understand and choose their path to enlightenment. The core elements are mind consciousness, activating your birth planet and driving action of gratitude.

One of the very important elements is ‘Activating Birth Planet.’ We all came to earth as mentioned for a purpose and the purpose is known only by our birth time, place and ruling planetary positions. It is for the individual to have the realization to seek that purpose through activating his or her holistic consciousness.

Notwithstanding to defeat the very own cause or motive as per their learnings from respective parents. They are our primary guides and mentors for the factor of respective enlightenment. But you need to understand it is not always the case for individuals to follow and practice their primary mentors. It is thus community like us which bring in value added interconnected engagement for collective awareness and knowledge and drive overall growth.

Birth factor and elements are very crucial for an individual to drive their purpose and achieve the desired goal. The first and core element of birth factor is driven by Birthstones. These are elements to balance your forms of earth, air, fire, water and spirit or space. The wearing of birthstone brings in protection from lot of negative elements and powers. Birthstones are more than just gems which align with each month. Each of them has respective healing property that aligns with the zodiac and individual’s horoscope. Birthstones have natural healing capabilities from the source of their existence have been related to that of a particular zodiac. Because Gemstones are formed below the Earth’s surface with sometimes mix of other minerals as well. Gemstones are a product naturally been developed in earth. Some gemstones like diamond and zircon, were formed deep in the earth and brought to the surface by explosions of molten rock. Also, to the fact when their fragments are carried by water or the wind, and they are finally compressed together over time.

Our team at Vedic Realms is in the process of developing positive energy through all possible means for the overall benefit of the world community. We have been researching on birthstones to understand their deeper capabilities and finding the unanswered secrets of their existence to align solution for respective problems. All of us have to understand this has nothing to do with any religion, it is ‘spiritual’ and ‘astrological.’ We have now been trying to suit a birthstone to most qualities in a zodiac and respective horoscope to define result-oriented approach. We are just not denoting the benefits of a birthstone to one’s personality traits but beyond. We are making a formulation for everyone to understand and aware them with the best use of a gemstone and crystal.

Birthstone and its meaning

Vedic Scholars has mentioned of gemstone been worn by Kings and Emperors to wade of many difficulties and problems. The custom of wearing these stones originated in southern most part of Asia, as this region was the richest in precious ores and natural substances. These later turned into fashionable wear and different stones for every month, which eventually came to be known as Birthstones suited to a particular zodiac or horoscope. In other sense, wearing one’s own guided and energized birthstone is beneficial in many ways. The most important aspect being balancing your five core energies and aligning your action to serve the purpose of destiny. Birthstones are more than just gems that align with each month. They serve to cleanse, purify, and ignite respective aura and be beneficial for the aspect of developing consciousness.

As mentioned earlier, the natural energy found in birthstones will ease anxieties, boost confidence, and help solidify relationships. Indeed, they can be energized for respective zodiac and horoscope to erase negativity from home and bring love amongst family members. There are also used to charge water to drink or to use for bathe for various problems related to respective zodiac. They have incredible energetic value and can be increased in power according to the ‘Mantras’ be used to charge them.

Birthstone and Zodiac Month

The significance of Pooja or Puja shifted to the experience of oneness with the deities and their spiritual essence. It is a form of collective conscious activation whose result is aimed to bring positivity and reap benefits through homage to God or Almighty. The practise of Pooja has a very evolved spiritual significance, performed with a determined wish and only to reap positive benefits. Pooja has continued to be a medium to petition desires and appeals, such as for good health of one’s child, speedy recovery from illness, success in venture envisioned and so on. In the structure and practice of puja, the mantras and rituals must be focussed under expert supervision through Vedic Practitioners or Spiritual Gurus to have the petitions and appeals placed rightfully to have best of results.

Essence of Pooja

January with Garnet

This is for the versatile lot born in January who are known for their loyalty, drive, invention, confidence, and professional and personal success. This is an energising and regenerating stone and is ideal birthstone to harness and refine the mentioned qualities.

February with Amethyst

This birthstone enhances intuition and cleanses your aura, so is the best match for individuals born in zodiac Aquarius and Pisces. These zodiacs are inclined to be enlightened, psychic, and spiritual which encourages these qualities through the birthstone.

March with Aquamarine

This birthstone is much sensitive and helps in balancing the energy to calm zodiacs like Aries. For Pisces, this birthstone enhances their emotions, purifies energy and sooth their minds. This birthstone looks at both the sensitive side as well as the tempestuous attributes of the born in this month.

April with Diamond

The birthstone for the month guides to align all the chakras. It will elevate the imagination of the individual and eventually progress in artistry. With the birthstone as diamond, you can channelize your creativity and achieve greatness.

May with Emerald

It is for the open-mind airy individual and once born in any zodiacs can enhance thoughtfulness. This birthstone can ignite revolutionary ideas and bring expressive vibe to bring prosperity.

June with Pearl

This birthstone brings sense of calmness and deeper understanding of thoughts and emotions. For individuals to know their core capabilities this birthstone is one of the best to retrospect.

July with Ruby

This birthstone is filled with zest. It is spirited with passion, courage, and positivity. This is to bring in long rested emotions to actions with this birthstone.

August with Peridot

This birthstone has both fiery and earthy qualities. This helps in emotions to be tempered and pacified. This birthstone helps in relaxing and calming emotions, which assists in achieving peace of mind.

September with Yellow Sapphire

This is known as the ‘Birthstone of Love.’ This can help mend sour relationship and bring people together. This is enhancer of cosmic energy which promises to harmonise your partnership in family and business.

October with Opal

This birthstone purely focuses on loyalty. This birthstone ensure devotion, as well as reduces the intensity in critical situations. This serves as a deflection from negative vibes that hinder emotional development.

November with Blue Topaz

This is ideal birthstone to connect with one’s spiritual sentiments by insisting healing abilities. It can help transform you to be a brilliant Life Coach, Counselling Specialist, etc. You can master your values with this birthstone.

December with Blue Sapphire

This birthstone has both impulsive and pragmatic elements but will keep activating you grounding energy. This will help you to self-realize on situation, purity of action and transform yourself for a holistic development of self.

Birthstones help you release your chakra blockages. It will help you to enhance in all physical, mental, and spiritual ways. As at Vedic Realms we have researched on few birthstones are very powerful and have supernatural power to transform an individual. But all the birthstones have healing qualities, which must be energized to sync with respective horoscope to have rightful results. When you align your soul after you have worn the birthstone, you can gradually feel the effect of it turning you into a person you never knew existed inside

“Birthstones are the elements to balance your emotions and activate your vision.” – Vedic Realms Life Coach
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