Can Women Wear Rudraksha: Rules, Myths & Benefits Of Wearing

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What is rudraksha?

Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word comprising of Rudra referring to lord Shiva & Aksha meaning the eye of lord Shiva. The tears of lord Shiva known as Rudraksha are considered to be spiritual & powerful. In astrology, rudraksha is connected with the planet Saturn and has a positive impact on the wearer’s life. In the mind of astrologers, a question appears “Can women wear rudraksha?” There are various types of rudraksha explained in our Vedic books for women but some of the most common rudraksha types are 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi and each bead has its specific properties and advantages for women.

It is a theology(study of religious belief) in Hinduism that wearing rudraksha is a kind of prayer to the divine god. We believe that rudraksha contains powerful religious & curative properties to protect against negative energies. Rudraksha is often worn as talismans(lucky charms). However, few people know that women can also wear original rudraksha beads(Nepal) to attain perfection in their professional and awards personal lives.  

Rudraksha helps women to develop laser-like focus and concentration power. In this blog, the only goal is to state different types of rudraksha(Nepali) that women can keep to stay calm and focused on their work.

Can Women Wear Rudraksha?

Yes, women/ladies can wear rudraksha. As we mentioned earlier, Rudraksha is a holy bead formed from the tears of lord Shiva, and independent of religion, gender, age & color holy bead can be worn by everyone. According to lord shiva’s command people of all Ashramas and varnas can wear rudraksha beads.

In today’s world, there are many misconceptions about the wearing of rudraksha by women but it is important to accept that these facts are not real. According to Hindu mythology, the goddess Parvati wears rudraksha beads. She shows there is no prohibition for women to wear rudraksha.

Can Ladies Wear Rudraksha During Periods

Yes! During periods women can wear rudraksha. It offers many health benefits but one of the most crucial functions is to balance hormones during periods. Let’s start by knowing that rudraksha has immense powers and is a divine natural bead. Rudraksha beads have the power to restore, encourage, and transform our lives for the better.

Rudraksha are the wonderful gifts of lord shiva to humans if you look back to our history. During the periods rudraksha cannot be worn by women and is not mentioned in any Vedic books. In fact, in our Vedic book, it is noted that every person can wear rudraksha(both male & female) in all conditions. The trust and confidence that we have in the divine energies of Rudraksha help us to express what we choose with a pure heart.

Myths About Rudraksha For Women

Earlier it was believed that only males could use and take benefits of rudraksha beads. It is because lack of guidance to women, and a strategy to keep away women from using rudraksha. The acceptance of rudraksha beads starts with the goddess Parvati. Once goddess Parvati closed the eyes of lord shiva while meditating the whole universe became dark. After this incident, the goddess chose to save herself and wear rudraksha which is produced from the tears of lord Shiva. 

Goddess wearing rudraksha is a clear sign that women were allowed to wear rudraksha since the origin of time. From this occurrence, rudraksha gives the same amount of benefits to females as it offers to males because blessings depend on purity of heart rather than gender. There are some doubts among common people. These doubts about wearing rudraksha will disappear when women become independent. It is believed that wearing rudraksha can improve mental qualities like focus and cognitive transparency as well as bring the blessings of Lord Mahadev.

Rudraksha Wearing Rules For Women

When you wear a rudraksha mala, it is important to follow tradition to maintain its pride and spirituality. We have stated some common rules for females which are:

  • The rudraksha mala that you choose should be authentic as it is a basic & essential step. Because a fake rudraksha cannot provide benefits.
  • Ensure that the bead is placed correctly and the jaap of mala is not too fast.
  • Before wearing wash the rudraksha with clean water & replace the thread if it becomes dirty/damaged.
  • Use a fresh/soft cotton cloth to clean the rudraksha.
  • To activate the energy of rudraksha dip it in a jar of ghee overnight as it is the first process. Then after washing rudraksha immerse it in cow milk for 24 hours. Finally, you can wear it the next morning after performing Puja by chanting any Shiv Mantra.

Additionally, it is recommended to use metallic jars rather than glass or any plastic bowl. One more necessary step before wearing it softly press the rudraksha against the forehead.

Benefits Of Wearing Rudraksha For Females

There are numerous benefits of rudraksha to women. Some of the usual benefits are:

  • Rudraksha improves the clarity of thoughts and focus due to its calming effect.
  • A good quality rudraksha controls disease and improves overall health.
  • The benefits of happiness and wealth that rudraksha give to its wearer.
  • Wearing rudraksha improves the flow of positive energy in the body and controls negative energies like black magic.
  • Rudraksha’s calming properties can also help in reducing tension and anxiety.


Wearing rudraksha during periods is an individual selection and there are no specific rules and regulations to do so. However, it is necessary to follow certain cultural and religious practices while wearing rudraksha during menstrual cycles. It is acknowledged that wearing rudraksha delivers a lot of benefits physically and mentally like clarity of thought and improved sleep. Rudraksha provides a protective shield from negative energies like black magic. As time flies you will know the real powers of rudraksha and how it benefits during periods. But always Keep in mind the existence of fraud in the market. So always prefer to Buy Rudraksha Online from a trusted and verified vendor. 

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