Effects of Kundli Dosha on Health, Wealth and Happiness

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Kundli, as derived from the Vedic Science is the birth chart which is also known as a Horoscope. Horo is a Greek word, that means time or observer. It is a scientifically calculated chart that indicates the movement of planets, as per your birth date and time. Few ancient studies refer it as the Cosmic Clock. The picture of the astronomical clock is drawn as a horoscope or birth chart, based on the longitude, latitude, tropic of axis and topography. A birth chart or Horoscope also is calculated on the planetary positions at the time of a person’s birth. The placement or the position of the planets will not change in the birth chart. Let assume it like if you take a picture of yourself, it will remain the same until it lasts, the same way the position of planets is photographed during your birth based on the location, date, and time. It will not change; it is the snapshot of your destiny.

The birth chart or Kundli reveals a holistic view of a person’s Karma or baggage that he or she carries from past lives. This chart is called by many names, zodiac chart, natal chart, star-chart, astrology chart, etc. In India, a Birth Chart is called Kundli or Janam Kundli

The Kundli Formation

Any Kundli or Birth Chart has 12 houses each assigned to a zodiac sign. Each house is in the 30° range, covering 360° which makes a complete circle. 30 degrees is divided into 5 states that define the nature or effect of the planet within each house.

Odd houses / signs – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagi, and Aquarius – the avasthas are,

  • 0-6 degrees – Bala Avastha: Infancy state, planet gives minimal results.
  • 6-12 degrees – Kumara Avastha: Adolescence state, planet imparts half of its full potential.
  • 12-18 degrees – Yuva Avastha: Adult state, bestows full-on effect in native’s life.
  • 18-24 degrees – Vriddha Avastha: Mature state, imparts moderate effects.
  • 24-30 degrees – Mrit Avastha: Old aged state, gives minimal effects.

The order of the avasthas is reversed for Even houses/signs – Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn Pisces

The most important aspect to note is that the planets in the border degrees i.e., 29, 0 and 1 degree become very strong irrespective of their avastha in the respective house. When beneficial planets are placed in good avastha, they bestow best benefits on the native and vice versa when malefic planets are placed.

To calculate the degree in each house, deduct the closest multiple of 30’s from the degree in which the planet was placed at the time of birth.

For Example: If a Planet is placed at 156° 58′ = 156-(30*5) = 6° 58′ it falls in Kumara Avastha.Pisces

Dosh in the Birth Chart / Kundli

The Vedic way of life is based on the theory of Karma. Karma is divided into three main categories. Those are Past, Present and Future Karma. The Vedas insist on 4 Arthas or goals in life which are considered important for a human to adhere. Deviation from the code of Veda makes it difficult for self to accumulate Good Karma and perform Dharma. Accordingly, the planets align in the birth chart to give the result of their action. The birth chart helps to read the past, present, and future of a person.

The birth chart or Kundli is the blueprint of our Karma from the past, what we are going to do in the present life and save for the future. The birth chart along with the alignment of planets indicates the Karmic connection in all our areas of life.

  • The first house talks about the self,
  • The second signifies the finance and family,
  • The third house signifies siblings and skills,
  • The fourth house indicates about mother and comfort,
  • The fifth house indicates about progeny and past life karma,
  • The sixth house indicates the debts and disease,
  • The seventh house indicates about the relationship and happiness from marriage,
  • The eighth house indicates about the longevity and changes,
  • The nineth house indicates father and fortune,
  • The tenth house indicates profession and progress,
  • The eleventh house indicates gains and desires
  • The twelfth house indicates expenses and enlightenment.

This is how we derive the Doshas in Kundli or Birth Chart, Doshas can be of many types and forms depending on your last life Karmas or deeds. The major dreaded few Doshas are Pitra Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Nadi Dosh, Shani Dosha, Kalsharp Dosha, Putra Dosha, Grahan Dosha, Bhandhan Yoga, Paap Kartari Dosha, Guru Chandal Dosha, Angarak Dosha, Gandalmool Dosha, Shani Dosha, Shrapit Dosha, Kemdhrum Dosha.

The Dosha in Kundli or horoscope are the results of misdeeds, foul play, harmful actions of a person in their previous life. It is best to first understand through an expert practitioner what the flaws were in past life and rectify the same in present life. The planet Mars causes grave and most of the doshas. The level of action is accountable for the percentage of doshas in any horoscope. Besides, there are other planets like Rahu, Saturn and Sun that form dosha according to Vedic astrology. Rahu is responsible for 25% of the Vedic astrology dosha, Sun for 50%, and Saturn for 75% of all the dosha.

One needs a Karma correction in the present life more than any rituals or remedies. Each Kundli has negative Dosha & positive Yoga, which you cannot change but reduce the effect through good Karma. The way to deal with such negative dosha and pacify negative dosha is to first understand through a practitioner on the required correction. If you know or are told of any dosha in your horoscope, do not run to an astrologer blindly expecting a ritual or series of rituals will relieve you from the impact of such Dosha. One must ask the Vedic astrologer which planet or house, or combination is responsible for this Dosha in your Kundli. This means the concerned Vedic astrologer should know how to co-relate it with your past life. If you cannot find such an astrologer, please feel free to consult our expert Vedic Astrology practitioner.

If the Dosha are based on fixed events of the past, there are planetary transits, Dasha, gochar, and your “free will” to mitigate the impact of such Doshas. So, the best way to deal with negative doshas in a horoscope is to know which of your deeds/ acts/steps caused such doshas and how you can improve upon those Karmas in your present life. This is the first and the best way to pacify negative doshas in any horoscope.

No Yoga or Dosha works automatically or remains forever. Else a rin yoga (yoga of poverty) would keep a person poor for life, and a person with Wealth Yoga would remain wealthy throughout life. This is not how it works. If you flawed in your karmas in previous birth or life, and still you get birth as a human, that means ‘The Supreme Lord’ has given you another opportunity to pacify or rectify your evil deeds or wrongdoing. It is best to learn through a practitioner astrologer who works on the theory of Karma and not the one who pushes you towards astrology rituals & remedies.

Remedy for Kundli Dosha

The best remedy is to sit in front of ‘The Supreme Lord’ of your respective Faith and take a Sankalp (pledge) by reciting relevant ‘Mantras’ praying to relieve you out from your miseries. Align your mind, soul and body to drive the faith on Divine Power instead of showing Money Power.

For a Small Example: With Pitra Dosha in Kundli, we donate, perform all types of rituals during Pitra Paksha but, on the other hand, do not give respect to our parents. You think Pitra Dosha will go away. No, you do the first thing to substantiate the second, but if you cannot change the second trait, no ritual or remedies can help you.

The best remedy to pacify Dosha is ‘Karma Correction’. Also, let us tell you that each Horoscope has both Positive Yoga and Negative Dosha, but nothing either blesses you or curses you automatically. A learned modern astrology can be a guide to help you learn how to keep so positively accumulated that Negative Dosha de-activates and the Positive Yogas activate to reap best results. This is the basic doctrine of Vedic Astrology and is the essence of a ‘Great Life’.

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