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Emotional Therapy

Emotion is the source of your strength and giving your emotions the right direction can enable you for larger achievement and fulfillment. It is that value option which helps to enhance and evolve yourself to build a holistic persona. It has many means and mediums through which we evaluate each notion of emotion and is always discreet to everyone except few universal ones. Making the right emotional approach render us with adaptive measures to erase the negative effect of any malefic emotions.

It is a saying ‘Person with no emotion is dead,’ but for this saying to hold right makes it difficult. We are Vedic Realms say that “Every person has emotions; it is how others know to trigger the chord with their simple vision.” Emotion forms you to be the being you are to the purpose you have fulfil.

Few of those who are unknown or are ignorant of this blessing, loose the chord of choice and fail as a being. The few mentioned ways of how to determine, feel and act on these have been elaborated for you to pursue your choice.

The Approach

In today’s times the more complex the emotions are getting, the more evolved the approach of treating them are being developed. Because emotions are core guiding force to an individual’s choice and decision making. If you lack emotional awareness or practice, you give rise to unpleased emotions and harm yourself in many ways. So, it is most important to feel right which will help you to decided right and push you to act right. This is the narrative form of experience which we are trying to mention, for you to help transform and manage the best out of yourself. It is impossible to develop the bond between your inner self and the focus on what to achieve, unless you have the right emotional approach.

Emotions are not only an important part of our daily lives, but they contribute completely to our identities, helping us to understand who we are internally and how to share that with others. Increasing awareness of emotion is a straightforward approach and should be the first goal to achieve. This helps us on developing adaptive processes to tackle maladaptive and hindrance which stop us from getting where we want to be. Emotion transformation refers to the process of changing or transforming one emotion into another. The ability to transform a maladaptive emotion into an adaptive one which brings value to your action and help achieve the desired result.

Reasoning that an emotion should be transformed and deciding to change it is not just sufficient for the emotion to change. In other words, fire (emotion) must be fought with fire (emotion) rather than other transformation which might harm you even further. That is how we have developed a type of therapy based on attachment and bonding that aim to help gain a greater awareness of each emotions and provide strategies to effectively regulate and transform.

The Technique

It must be adaptive for implementation in families to achieve best results. An individual taking session doesn’t help anyways if he or she hasn’t been able to aware their family members with the right set of emotional guidance. For the result orientation is best checked through implementation at home and with family members. Each member should be able to distinguish between primary maladaptive or primary adaptive emotions. Emotional awareness first must focus on de-escalating negative cycles of interaction and emotion regulation strategies driven by primary emotions that are outside of awareness. As for all family and friends can evolve out of from relationship conflicts and struggle, distress, poor communication etc. Emotional Counselling a process to help an individual understand better through the process can have right set of matrix for implementation. It has helped individuals and their families with the right blend of actions to approach each problem or case scenario to improve and relate for occurrence in future.

It is like breaking down a child’s resistance to culture, ritual, listening and action in public to a certain formation which entails his or her state of being negligent. Thus, making the child receptive to forming attachment by the application of right parenting behaviours as like right eye contact, checking misbehaviour with anyone, unnecessary argumentative attitude, irritated behaviour etc. It is designed to express the feeling of belongingness for themselves and be potentially dysfunctional to any vulnerable risk of being hurt, ashamed and disrespect.

The six basic aspects of emotions like sad, happy, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust. This is for all human seeker to feel these aspects in some or other way but for them to act structured is what emotional therapy leads. There are mediums through which we can have various implementation adapted like Playful, Distraction, Interest, Motivation etc. However, it is on the respective case scenario which helps on building the right value medium for change and transformation.

The Stages

As you know each objective of emotion is descripted to have come through a source and to affect a result. It is through the stages that you can qualify an individual for the rightful approach and help through for the best solution.

  • Phase One – Assess and Deescalate Phase
  • Phase Two – Change Events Phase
  • Phase Three – Consolidation of Change Phase

In phase one, the goal is to uncover the underlying emotional problem and begin to change the way individuals perceive it.

The phase two is focused on creating new emotional experiences to replace the negative experiences and setting the individuals up for more effective communication.

The phase three wraps up the emotional experience by resolving old problems and issues by creating a plan for continued success in the outside world.

The stages help to structure interpretation to understand best on achieving a particular goal. The major focus is on emotion awareness, regulating, and transformation for the individual. The individual is bound to learn about how to interact and share emotions with others in a healthy way. But the focus on intrapersonal rather than interpersonal emotional helps to formulate the desired result through these stages. The best part is it can be implemented in a family setting for all to participate and feel more connected with one another and enhance the sense of belongingness. This helps each family member to learn about their own emotions, understand the emotions of the other family members, and coach them on more effective interaction and communication.

Each individual needs to feel that their emotions and experiences are understood, leading them out of the pit to encourage and stimulate their emotions positively. It will eventually enhance their order of willingness and push positive emotions. This is necessary to lead a high degree of understanding and negate the vulnerable emotions.

The Satisfaction

The evolution of responding to techniques and probing self-emotions to act right is the result of satisfaction. It is with the intention of clarifying vague and unclear aspects to transform into particular and desirable emotions. The act of ending the speculation and use ideas to encourage the belief within itself brings change. It is thus with intense experience and courage an individual comes over the labelled path of regret.

You can self-evaluate after in this stage to tag and registered each aspect of disbelief and distress to result oriented intent and action. It will gradually clarify your clutter to restructure the attempts and provoke new emotions and lay foundation for new experience. But do not forget to check and validate the motives to help your success be sustaining and dreams realising.

Your action to motivate self will be the most promising aspect for others be motivated to step up. The techniques as developed by Vedic Realm’s experts to distinguish and ascertain case scenario be treated unique for unique proposition be encouraged. No matter how classic the mediums and techniques are but it always the focus of the ‘Emotional Practitioner’ to develop the right process. And, to encourage the right medium of action for implementation. It is also on him to investigate not changing the techniques frequently for the overall process not being disturbed.

The direction established by the emotional practitioner will ensure the interactive cycle be motivated for be applied right. That will bring forth the action of catching the right people doing the right things and creating the right atmosphere. It is not just emotional therapy; it is emotional build-up for overall benefit of the community and the society as a whole.

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