Healing Crystals and Benefits

Healing Crystals and Benefits

The history of crystals was perceived differently by different people throughout human history, but it definitely fascinated everyone till this day. Healing crystals are made of underground minerals, whose natural capability to heal brings in holistic wellness and eventually the rise in their usage has gained popularity. The healing crystals market has outshined its most precious counterpart, ‘diamonds.’ They have disrupted the requirement outlay as they are beautiful, therapeutic, and economical. Healing crystals are the uncut version of large mineral deposition which eventually transforms into a rock in due course of time. These are the only once which are recovered through a sustainable source, pure natural ways. In today’s world of self-care, health therapies, application of these healing crystals to your daily ritual can boost in positivity for your mind, body, and spirit.

Healing Crystals symbolises love, trust, faith, consciousness, and innocence. It finds being mentioned in Vedic texts, on the aesthetic and therapeutical qualities few of them possess. Crystals are both available in transparent and opaque forms, depending on its qualities which makes it refracts light, as well as emit light.

 Lot of Vedic Text has deep mention of Crystals for its ambiguous qualities to represent as a symbol of love, medium of exchange and emblem of a kingdom.

Healing Crystals and Benefits

This can be incorporated in your daily lives but for best result it is good to consult a Vedic Astrologer or Vedic Practitioner or Vedic Coach for the right process and ritual. As incorporated into your daily routine with the right ritual, it can help retrospect, reveal, reckon, and relax. It can be worn or placed accordingly to the suggested direction in your home depending on the result you desire. But note to follow the ritual and mantras which are to be followed and changes respectively. Now a days, Vedic Astrologer are making recommendation to attach one or a few crystals to your necklace, ring or even bracelet. It is meant to be enhancing your protection from negative sources and rightfully heal your mind, body, and soul. As per modern science, this is established as ‘Alternative Therapy.’ This is raised a lot of concern in the pharma section for them to term it as ‘unscientific and not proven under required law.’ But, when people are gaining benefits and garnering its positive effect, which are healing a lot of illness and habits, thus the number of followers and user increasing day by day.

For Erasing Negativity:
Crystals - Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, Jasper and Obsidian

There are few aspects or elements which are unknown and misunderstood by many. Those things can move you out of our control, thus the best that you can do is to efface it out. There rarely are things which can support us through volatile times but only consciousness and rituals calm you mind to control your actions. Out of the mentioned crystals, ‘Amethyst’ is a power crystal that can ride off negative thoughts and encourages humility and sincerity. The Tiger’s Eye is also capable for the same, which clears you off fear, nervousness, anxiety, and self-doubt. Obsidian is a powerful crystal which encourages clarity and compassion.


For Stronger Relationship:
Crystals - Rose Quartz and Ruby

Both these crystals revolve around love, trust, harmony and warmth in relationship healing. Both these crystals are known to be healing the heart chakra and most used crystals. They too improve intimacy and connections with partners, with immense boost to sensuality in the wearer’s relationship. These also help to align your kindness quotient and opens your heart chakra.

For Clearer Mind:
Crystals - Clear Quartz, Citrine and Jasper

Clear Quartz is recommended by Vedic Practitioners to boosts concentration and memory. These basically has a natural characteristic of regulating the body’s energy levels through better flow of blood and balancing the calorie level. Citrine enhances self-esteem and creative energy. While the crystal Jasper entice courage and faster decision making. All these three crystals reduce stress and adversity.

For the Spark of Joy:
Bloodstone, Turquoise, Yellow Sapphire & Moonstone

Turquoise is not only a healing crystal but also an emblem of ‘Good Luck.’ Wherein, the Yellow Sapphire attract prosperity, happiness, and intuitive power. Bloodstone crystal can bring in selflessness and creativity. Moonstone Crystal promote personal growth through infusing inner strength. All of these crystals end all stress and instability.

For Sound Health:
Ruby, Amethyst, Turquoise, Bloodstone, Blue Sapphire

Ruby Crystals were very elaborately used by Kings to protect them from blood loss during battles. They lend power to protect your body from any cuts and injury. Bloodstone help clear the blood impurities and enhance circulation. Blue Sapphire Crystal is a pure mineral crystal that improves vision, helps fight blood level deficiencies and severe depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Turquoise crystal benefits your respiratory and immune system. All these crystals help improve blood circulation and remove toxins from the body.

All age groups including teenagers have been fascinated with precious stones. Crystals started gaining popularity for their natural physical characteristic and benefits. The obsession of crystals came forth for their magical, healing and energy powers. It is told by Vedic Gurus if rituals are followed right on charging a crystal it can be more powerful than a stone. It can even bring a spiritual presence within you or amongst yourself. That is how crystals can help as it naturally embodies faith and spirituality. Crystals can fulfil your spiritual need as well as establish the connect to your soul if your follow and perform the rituals positively.

These are powerful objects which possess natural positive elements, now to use them to get the best results can only be possible with sheer dedication. When you are recommended a particular healing crystal, please take care with love, care, and positive intention as much. This is your soul’s companion in all situations, adversity, or prosperity. This can help you to be the best in that form of being kind as well be strong simultaneously. You have to keep your crystal clean for the charge to be effective till the time you are recommended to use. If you feel nothing has changed after a due course of time, please consult your Vedic Astrologer to recharge. Prevent it from falling or opening for its note of positivity being detached from you, especially in those heavy moments of your life. Please rinse it with Curd, Honey and Ganga Jal if so required if anyone else has touched it or worn on themselves to try. To keep your crystal recharged and riding high in their fullest power, keep them out overnight in full-moon light in a bowl with Ganga Jal, Honey, Clarified Butter (Ghee), Curd and Milk (just pasteurised not warm). You can then wear it the follow morning after washing it with Ganga Jal after chanting the recommended Mantras as suggested as per your horoscope. These are natural elements of the world and nature can work its magic brilliantly on them to boost its power retain its original energy.

In Vedic Realms, our research use of healing crystals as an ‘Alternative Therapy’ has proved life changing transformation and highly rewarding. It is thus we have established the objective of forming an avenue for the world community to benefit from its rightful usage. We have had patrons who have their own transformation be felt and experienced for holistic development of self. It is thus we have been spreading the awareness for helping individuals understand balance of emotional, spiritual, and physical attributes in themselves. Our job at Vedic Realms is to bring you out of your shadows and drive you towards the light of enlightenment with your most authentic selves.

“Healing Crystals as your companion, life transformation be your religion.” – Vedic Realms Coach
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