How Face Reading helps to keep away negativity?

Face Reading

The element of recognising someone is their face. It is which gives you the name, fame, claim etc. But do you know this face can be very vital aspect for you to understand a person, quite a bit about their emotions, actions, and background. Good enough to set you right to choose if to go ahead and make that conversation or not. Many a times everything about a person if you have activated your mind to that level of consciousness. We can possess superpowers, not like the Superhero but good enough to handle your decisions right. We all look for some superpowers which can set us apart from others. Also, which might help us fulfil our few deepest desires, can be from a superhero movie influence you recently watched or from childhood memory lanes. It remains in our fantasies and continues to be till we realise we have powers within ourselves to follow the path. Achieving is a process of fulfilling desires, but first we try to put ourselves in the path to realize those dreams. We must follow step by step process of awareness, understanding, consciousness, activate and structured actions.

Actually, human face is the only open canvas which can talk in a linear manner. You need to just decode the emotions and see through to a person’s character. 

So much can be deciphered from the face of anyone which are encoded in various lines and facial expressions. The eyes, forehead, lips, nose, jawline, and facial shape can tell you more about that person than the person themselves ever will. But today it is all science which is derived from scripts of Vedas and preaching’s from the practitioners. Just the knowledge doesn’t help. As mentioned earlier you need to activate your mind to a level of consciousness and activate your psychic abilities to read through any facial expression. The Vedas or the ancient science of face reading had lot mentioned about the spiritual and aesthetic aspect. Today’s researcher has very diligently discovered a modern scientific model on ‘what and how’ of Physiognomy (The Science of Face reading).

What is Face Reading

The human face is the mirror as the old saying goes, it communicates only to the receiver who understands it. It is generally gathered through experience and value which can help you read those lines. It is perfect to communicators which understand the language of mind consciousness. The majestic soul is what drives the understanding and knowledge of reading a face. It might sound easy, but many researchers even today couldn’t get perfect with all those science elements be placed. You must activate the balance in your senses and consciousness to read a face. The mention of face reading was first mentioned in Vedas, was later taken to different parts of the world by many discoverers, invaders, and travellers. It was qualified through the practice of the ancient Kings and Emperors keeping a psychic healer or practitioner. They could see a messenger and understand his or her intensions and the next plan.

For the best result in face reading a practitioner must be very clean with his or her thoughts. Basically, to understand through an individual’s eyes, facial expression and shape of the lips. We have always heard our elders say, ‘Eyes are the door to a person’s soul.’ If you look deep into someone’s eyes, there is so much that can be deciphered. Then you can add the facial movement pattern, intuitiveness, mind consciousness, thought clarity and experience to have the right judgement. The standardized face reading elements as mentioned for your understanding.

Reading Faces

  • People with Round faces are also called the Water Face. There are comparatively more empathetic. They at times go to their imaginary world and are very loyal as partners, friends and employers.
  • Oblong faces hint towards a narcissistic personality. They are methodical in nature and are workaholic. They can be very blunt on commenting or criticizing someone or something, making them the worst person in the room.
  • People with Triangular faces are extensively creative. These individuals are intelligent and passionate about life priorities.
  • Square faces are dominating and can lose temper easily. They are very dependable and good with decision making. They have great analytical abilities. 

Reading Eyes

  • Prominent set of eyes are easy to approach for their friendliness. They gain your trust faster.
  • Small set of eyes indicate that they are extremely attentive in nature. But tends to be nervous easily.
  • Close set of eyes have good concentration power.
  • Wide set of eyes are extremely open minded.
  • Deep set of eyes are intense personalities. These individuals are highly observant, and progressive in nature.

Reading Lips

  • Small opening of mouths has feminine characteristics. Women with small mouth are extremely feminine in personality, while men tend to be quite shy and many a times their feminine side overpowers the masculine side.
  • Large opening of mouths, these individuals are talkative but are also very generous.
  • Thin Top Lip and a Fuller Bottom Lip individuals have difficulties reciprocating their emotions.
  • Fuller Upper Lip and a Thin Bottom lip are very generous, and they will always go out of the way to help someone.
  • Full Rounded Lips are individuals with very nature. They are extremely sensitive to their emotional value.

How can it help

As we mentioned earlier the standardised face reading techniques can help you in understand the basics. Then it the observer’s consciousness, mind activation and purity to see through between the lines. These psychic characteristics is never to harm someone but to enhance your own research for a better business partner, companion, neighbour or even your transformation coach. As our own research about Face Reading says if you can truly achieve the pinnacle of face reading, we can be right on 87% of our decisions. That is quite a success. We indeed right now are researching online face reading but technology through artificial intelligence is making us do further studies. We are applying the same algorithm which we follow when we receive a clear picture or image of a person. But as you know digital images sometimes erase many facial lines and spots, which is making it deep dive for the best result.

We at Vedic Realms have a target if we can educate only 5% of our total population of the world on face reading, we can save 33% of bad decisions. As your brains are fast enough to process data, if we activate that consciousness, it can be brilliant. According to a recently published research paper, our brain decides in just 33 milliseconds (1/30th of a second) on how much it can trust a face right at the first look. So, making it easier for you to activate your psychic abilities to transform your decisions, actually quicker than blink of your eye. That means you can readily respond to a face’s trustworthiness before it is even consciously perceived. Now, when you build on deep understanding and start evaluating consciously along with personality traits, physical trails and animal trails. Anyone can benefit not just us and create a joyful surrounding with great values. Conscious individual can develop themselves to experience the majestic light of purity. Just don’t hold up and make your call today.

“We are seekers formulating transformation through structured research from the Vedas. Have your trust and you can feel and see your mind and soul dance to the new tune.”

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