How Pujan / Puja bring positivity and shapes prosperity

How Pujan bring positivity and shapes prosperity

Everyone wants to feel positive and vibrant, but least do they realise for being positive and practising the same in all aspects. It is not hard to implement the aspects and inculcate the thought to reap the benefit of positivity which in-turn brings prosperity.

Home is the place to implement the practice and enable all members to align each of their energies. It’s important to put the house in order, for the members residing to recharge their energies. Positivity in the home is a process and it nourishes to bring out the best in life.

Attract Positive Energy at Home: As per Vedic Science the best way to attract positive energy is through Pooja or Pujan or Puja. It is said that through Pooja all family members align themselves to a particular source and channelize their energy to erase all negativity. The power of positivity increases many folds due to each member bringing out their relative source of positivity. Everyone is important in your house, so as their presence to bring in prosperity in abundance.  If you or anyone in the house are negative or thinking or acting negatively then how can positive energy flourish in your home.

So, the first element of positive or being positive in Vedic Science is Family Pooja. It helps you to increase your source of positive thinking, acting positively and then practising positivity in every aspect of our lives.

The science of Pujan or Pooja (Puja)

Pooja in Vedic Science is a worship ritual performed to offer devotional homage and prayer to one or more deities and to spiritually celebrate an event. It is to celebrate collectively and asking the blessing of the Almighty for family wellbeing, happiness, joy, love and prosperity. The word “Puja” in Vedic Science means reverence, honour, homage, adoration and worship.

It is told if someone practises daily puja at home, or occasional ceremonies and annual festivals, the individual is definite to possess positivity in supreme. In other cases, puja is the source of reactivating your energies and surrounding yourself with happiness and joy. Puja is a process and not to be performed just once and forgotten. It is recommended to mark a few lifetime events such as birth of a baby or a wedding, or to begin a new venture.

Pooja as performed under expert supervision from Vedic Practitioners i.e. Spiritual Gurus can reap immense prosperity. So, it is always recommended to perform Puja or Pooja at home to realign family member energies and keep up the positive motto high. If it can be a routine daily affair will be incredible but looking at our busy lives, periodic ritual can also bring equal benefits. It is not necessary to perform all Poojas, consult a Vedic Practitioner to understand the need as per the horoscope of each member to have the rightful solution or follow the right path. It is also necessary to perform Pooja every day, but definitely one quarterly or half yearly can be great.

Practising the Value, not just imitating

The significance of Pooja or Puja shifted to the experience of oneness with the deities and their spiritual essence. It is a form of collective conscious activation whose result is aimed to bring positivity and reap benefits through homage to God or Almighty. The practise of Pooja has a very evolved spiritual significance, performed with a determined wish and only to reap positive benefits. Pooja has continued to be a medium to petition desires and appeals, such as for good health of one’s child, speedy recovery from illness, success in venture envisioned and so on. In the structure and practice of puja, the mantras and rituals must be focussed under expert supervision through Vedic Practitioners or Spiritual Gurus to have the petitions and appeals placed rightfully to have best of results.

Essence of Pooja

Pooja as performed in any faith sometimes involves themes beyond idols or images. Even persons, places, rivers, concrete objects or anything is seen as manifestations of divine reality. The access to the divine is through the path of renunciatory meditation or can be termed at the behest of someone personal declaration. For Vedic Science the divine is everywhere, without limit to its form, and a puja to these manifestations signifies the same spiritual meaning to those who choose to offer a prayer to persons, places, rivers, concrete objects or anything else. A devotee can connect with spiritual manifestation by meditating and chanting hymns and mantras, in the presence of Agni Yagna (Fire Meditation), Water Elements, Earth Elements and Air Elements. The Vedic texts allow flexibility in your Pooja rituals according to the occasion, needs, and personal preferences.

Vedic Puja or Vedic Pooja can bring in abundance of joy, wealth, happiness and peace if rightfully hosted through a practitioner (pandit) or priest so that he could make direct requests to the Almighty or God on behalf of the Family performing the Puja.

Pooja for Positivity

If you are holding any grudge against someone, it is recommended to forgive and move on. These action of yours will release energy from your heart-center which will in-turn turn your negative energy to positive. Hence, that energy to be used to uplift your positive aspects in life to walk the path of progress. Otherwise, part of your energy is always stuck in the past incident, which will keep attracting bitterness in your life. Supposedly, if you make money through cheating someone or by hurting someone’s emotion it can never give you mental peace in life. It will also bring its own negativity in your life sooner or later. Better to earn little less by ethical means than to cheat and then suffer later. Your negative karma (deeds) not only affect you but also your family members. So, to reap best benefits or results from Pooja or Vedic Practice you should be fair and honest in your Karma.

You can practice many steps that can help you remove negative and blocked energy from home. These steps can realign your objective to earning positive results when you perform Family Puja.

  • Plant flowers and Plants in your courtyard or balcony. This can enhance your energy and guide healing and positivity to your inner soul.
  • A water fountain in the house helps to remove stagnant and lethargic energy.
  • There should be good air circulation in your home and plenty of sunlight. Open the curtain and windows whenever possible to allow fresh air and sunlight come in.
  • Keep your house clean and in good condition. Shabby homes never attract good thoughts and energy.

Make spirituality a part of your daily life. You can chant mantra or practice worship any Deity / God of your choice. You can make it a practice to remember and pray to almighty every day. In short, have spiritual elements in your life. It will always protect you with its energy to face hard time and structure your will to never break down and make wrong choices.

Pooja at home can bring peace and harmony

It is not possible to perform a Puja everyday at your homes but use of mantras in the morning at home can balance your energy for the rest of the day. A statue or photographs of a Deity or God or Almighty in your home to perform the Mul Mantra (Core Hymns) as per your horoscope will yield great benefits. You can burn incense sticks during the time you are pronouncing the hymns or mantras in front of your deity. It is also recommended to complete avoid eating non-veg food, alcohol or any activity which spoils the sattvic energy in the home. If it’s possible then dedicate a particular space or room for practicing your meditation or your spiritual ritual. The purpose is to then make it act as a powerhouse of positivity and dharma (righteousness) in the home.

Yagna or Pooja (Puja) has immense community benefit too

If you perform a Yagna or Pooja at home, the spiritual chants or hymns chanted will purify your surrounding and bring overall positivity. It is like cleansing your place first and purify for the following process to reap best results. After you have performed a Pooja ritual it is recommended to donate something usable to a less privileged or under privileged for authenticating the positivity through your deeds. Sometimes making food from your own hand and giving them to hungry people also can bring immense happiness to you and your family. In the name of charity, the intention matters the most. It is the selfless charity which in-turn authenticates your deeds as how God loves it.

In the end, it is of utmost importance that you have a positive intention first to bring positive energy in your home. Because once you are clear about your objective then you will walk the extra mile to make your home full of positive energy. So, think positive, feel positive and act positively with a strong will power. And slowly the energy will start changing in your home for your prosperous and happy living.

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