How To Grow Rudraksha Tree At Home: 5 Easy Steps

Lord Vishnu Rudraksha | Benefits, Powers & Its Importance

Rudraksha beads are highly respected and important in Hindu tradition. It is well known that these beads are the greatest gifts that Lord Shiva(Shiva Rudraksha Tree) has given to humanity. They support gaining self empowerment, living fearlessly and maintaining good health. The seed of Rudraksha trees provides a variety of medicinal benefits, financial happiness and support for spiritual development. The visible vertical lines on the body of the Original Rudraksha beads that extend from the head to the bottom are called mukhis. Rudraksha beads are available in a variety of mukhis. The ancient belief and divine qualities associated with holy Rudraksha beads are also confirmed by scientific investigation. The beads known as rudraksha are harvested from big evergreen trees of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. 

The beads known as rudraksha are harvested from big evergreen trees of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. Due to ideal climate conditions this original rudraksha tree can be found in lower quantities in India as well as the Southeastern Asian islands of Java, Indonesia and Nepal Himalayan areas. The height of these trees varies from 14.60 to 29.20 meters depending on the region. The tree’s leaves are wide.

The tree starts to flower in the summer and when it is at least seven or eight years old, the fruits ripen in the middle of winter. Different mukhis of Rudraksha are found on a single tree. The growth and creation of Rudraksha beads are significantly influenced by the soil’s humidity and surrounding conditions. 

Is Rudraksha Tree Good Or Bad For Home?

You can plant a Rudraksha tree in your home garden which is considered lucky. Vastu Shastra states that having an original rudraksha tree next to the house will ward off evil spirits. The Rudraksha tree should be grown in a spot with enough sunshine.

How To Grow A Rudraksha Tree?

The rudraksha plant is easy to grow and has round(blue fruits). A Rudraksha tree needs individual care and dedication to its particular growing requirements to be grown at home. These easy steps will help you grow these plants:

Seed Selection

First things first get some quality Rudraksha seeds. To ensure authenticity keep in mind that the seeds come from a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

Seed Soaking/Germination

Before planting let the Rudraksha seeds soak in water for a full day or two. This helps in germination by softening the seeds. Soak the seeds for half an inch and plant them in well-draining soil.

Select The Right Location

Select a location with lots of sunlight because rudraksha trees prefer strong indirect light. Till the seedlings become established, shield them from intense sunshine.

Temperature And Humidity

Rudraksha trees are sensitive to cold therefore keeping the atmosphere warm and humid. Tropical and subtropical climates are ideal for them. 

Be Patience

Rudraksha trees grow slowly, so have patience. It can take the tree a few years to fill out and start bearing fruit.

How Do You Take Care Of A Rudraksha Plant?

Fertilizer Requirements

Before planting, add a lot of organic matter to the soil. This is plenty to support the rudraksha plant during its growth years. Every six to eight weeks use a balanced liquid fertilizer that has been diluted to half its strength to hasten its growth. Continue this tradition until the plant reaches a height of 6-7 feet.

Proper Trimming

Newer branches can also be encouraged to grow by pruning. Cutting off wilted branches is one way to achieve this. Additionally, this will increase greater fruit production. 

Watering Requirements

Water the young plant every time the top layer of soil seems dry to the touch. Continue doing this until the plant grows between 8 and 10 feet tall. Make sure you have at least 30×30 square feet of space if you plan to grow outside.

Pest and Diseases

It is simple to protect real rudraksha trees from pests. If you come across any, a good old solution of neem spray will do the trick. Regarding illnesses rudraksha is weak to fungal infections and root rot. Both of these are easily avoided by being careful not to overwater or submerge the plant.

What Is The Environment Of Rudraksha Tree?

Growing rudraksha is a challenging task because the beads must be sprinted slowly. A real sprout often takes 1-2 years depending on the humidity of soil. In tropical and subtropical climates with 25–30°C temperature ranges it can be grown with success. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are outstanding places for it to succeed since they have the right amount of humidity and temperature. It takes the tree 4 to 7 years to begin bearing fruit but it does so for a very long time. 


In this blog we have discussed caring and how to grow Rudraksha tree at home. It is believed that rudraksha beads offer medicinal benefits, spiritual development, good health and self empowerment. The Rudraksha tree can be grown at home and it is considered lucky according to Vastu Shastra. The tree may grow in tropical and subtropical areas with the correct temperature and humidity, but it takes several years for it to bear fruit. If you are planning to Buy Certified Rudraksha Online your one-stop destination is Vedicrealms. With a wide range of ideal rudraksha and premium quality beads available you can select the perfect one that suits your needs.

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