It is 'OK' to ask for Help

professional counselling

Life in today’s modern times is critical of the demanding aspects. It is difficult to cope with pressure from professional, personal, and self-established elements of life. A person can be well off financially but suffer personally and mentally. There can be another person who is great personally but suffer mentally and financially.

There are examples of all kinds for each of us to relate our life scenarios. And the intensity of the pressure keeps growing if not addressed right on time, transforming into problems and suffering. This is when we start realising adversity and can’t keep upright on our values, mindfulness, and positivity. Then it gets difficult to concentrate on priorities, be diligent, be observant, spread kindness, and perform rightful actions. This is the onset of a mental health problem, it’s important that you don’t try and try to fix things on your own. It is because you might not be able to understand the source right and self-assessment can be hazardous. You might be very understanding and strong, but it is recommended to seek support. The moment you start feeling low, vulnerable and unlike yourself, spending time on your own might just worsen the situation for you and people around you. 

This is the right time when you talk to someone you trust and love. A person who can lend the unbiased ears to your words and sail you through to the greener side.

It is OK to ask for help

Life definitely surprises us with unexpected things. It is on us how to seek the correct guidance for self to efface that situation. Please do not blame yourself or your fate to have chosen you for this situation. But try and understand such grave situations are faced by all in some way or other. You might just see only you are struggling and suffering. It may be that you start believing that your days of suffering just started, and it will get worse with time. It is time where you need real support and help, just don’t try any self-accessed paths to move out. Family is always the first choice here, if you think nothing from them is helping or the matter is confidential which you should avoid telling them now, then you must call and ask for a Vedic Practitioner and Coach. They are the most refined and structured coaches when it comes to critical life situations. Specially, when it is to do with situations like turbulent marriage, unhealthy relationships, abusive children, toxic family environment, misogynist friends, thankless boss, boring workplace, cheating partner, monotonous job etc.

You will have to understand it all starts with you. So, before you change them or the situation, it is you who must change. It is important for you to first understand a situation is created for your action and later for the other, or accumulation of actions into outburst of a situation. And situation like this is to stay if not treated well, just like a disease. It will start eating you up and the same will follow with your loved ones. But please understand as like a disease must be treated well, you must treat your mind and action. Please understand that it’s ‘OK to ask for help or support.’

The process of Counselling

We at Vedic Realms don’t judge you for your actions, deeds, shameful act, here it is all same till we refine you as a human being. We care about each human and try to be as open as possible to understand their core sufferings and help each of them to come out of their life miseries. We have a very scientific approach towards dealing with emotions, for our entire research is based on Vedas and it’s Life Philosophy. We keep each conversation ‘Confidential’ and ‘Professional.’ We believe the simple act of ‘speaking about how you feel’ can offer a sense of relief and ease a lot of your stress. It is best to spill your mind secrets and actions bothering you, to a professional life coach. It is only then where you can find a solution and drive to the right path for future. As, in today’s time of trauma across the world, how are the Vedic Coaches coping them in such a situation. Our Coaches practice ‘Holistic Mindful Spirituality (HMS),’ which has helped them for the regain their power and spread it through to respective communities. It is thus you might see that India recovered much faster in the time of pandemic and moved towards a comfortable position. The point here is that you have to seek a Coach who can harness their power to fuel you, because you are broken, and it is their power which will mend you. Then, they will look at addressing each of your aspects for a holistic development and growth.

There are lot of questions around ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’t’ in counselling for both clients and the coach. Indeed, in our process at Vedic Realms you can talk your heart out because you will always be assigned to that one coach every time you talk or have a video call with. So, for your personal emotions and feelings to remain very confidential and aligned to the only one who will help you to transform. Making the process filled with integrity, love, care, and power. We are open for every generation to come up and talk to us. It is never to be perceived that we give you wings, but we definitely provide spirit to your dreams and desires noted for the very achievement. It is here we try to help you develop the courage to face any situation, circumstances, person living or dead. The coaches are doctors of the mind and soul. This is much required when everything fails around you and coaches fuel your spirit or soul with consciousness and activate to choose right actions. We do not allow any execution of your soul but activating it rightfully to structure your future with happiness and prosperity. Just that we have one important point we always ask our seekers is a clear, clean and quitter room when you make the call to our transformation coaches.

How to choose the right help Coach

We humans bend only to the ones who are powerful, but in this case, we should bend to the humble and someone who is sensitive to your emotions. So, if you understand transformation has different segments and stages, so the ones who practice ‘Holistic Mindful Spirituality (HMS),’ is the one who will value you and accept as you are. The ones who practice these forms have a holistic bird view of your life. It is important from that bird’s eye view, the coach take a deep dive and invest time with you to first clean your cluttered mind, helping you practice right emotions, and then develop your actions. This is not rocket science but definitely not less as well. It is very complex to understand human mind, its emotions, its horizon and its limitations. Human emotions are erratic and changes every microsecond making it more than impossible to be assessed. It is only with an experienced master with Vedic education and practice be able to combine the ancient learnings with modern fittings. The Master Coach with Vedic philosophy has deep knowledge of mind and soul through the practice of Mantra and Yoga. Making them the most effective life coaches to help you make the crucial changes in your life format and bring enlightenment.

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