15 Mukhi / Fifteen Face Rudraksha




15 Mukhi Rudraksha

15 Mukhi Rudraksha has several special qualities associated with a certain place. Every Rudraksha symbolizes a distinct god and a natural power. The 15 face rudraksha is the physical representation of Lord Pashupatinath, one of Lord Shiva’s most imposing and potent forms. Anyone can wear the original 15 Mukhi to bring major advantages in life. Still, its main users are those who want to break free from all forms of captivity and grow in their meditation practice. To ensure that you receive fifteen mukhi rudraksha blessings, it is recommended to Buy Rudraksha online from a genuine, trusted, and certified trader like Vedic Realms

The Benefit Of 15 Mukhi Rudraksha 

The 15 Mukhi Rudraksha benefits are countless and amazing as well. Some of the most common benefits are:-

  • Choosing a natural fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the best ways to improve your senses above measure. 
  • People who have suffered from fatal outcomes of supernatural issues should wear genuine fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha, which comes from Nepal.
  • After accepting a quality 15 face rudraksha, one can both experience and give the purest and free form of love, since this holy Rudraksha bead also represents unconditional love.
  • Taking on a 15 face rudraksha can be very helpful in distributing negative feelings such as pain, sadness, and feeling alone. 

15 Mukhi Rudraksha Price

As we have already expressed earlier, fifteen mukhi rudraksha is one of the rarest, most admired, and most in-demand of all Rudraksha bead types. 15 mukhi rudraksha price can make a serious dent in your pocket. A 15 mukhi original rudraksha price generally depends on the abundance of factors like origin, size (in mm), carat weight, and shape. Rudraksha from Nepal is valued more than Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha from any of the regions in the world.

15 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra & Ruling Planet

15 Mukhi Rudraksha ruling planet is Mercury & the mantra associated with fifteen mukhi rudraksha is:

“ओम पशुपताय नम:” || “Om Pashupataye Namah”

How To Find The Original 15 Mukhi Rudraksha 

As per religious books, the only real way of testing whether a fifteen mukhi rudraksha is original or not is to do these 3 tests below:-

The Cut Test

Cutting the Rudraksha bead is the most clear way to ensure originality. If it’s original, you should be able to find the same number of sections as that of the Mukhis mark on the exterior side. Naturally, the major disadvantage here is that you will destroy the bead. Thankfully, you can use X-rays, or CT scans to look into the Rudraksha and check if the chambers match the number of mukhis present.

The Water Test

You can also check if a rudraksha is real or not by trying to dip it in a body of water. Likely, a perfect, genuine Rudraksha will be denser on the inside than water and therefore will sink to the bottom, proving its realness. This is not a foolproof plan, as even real rudrakshas may have hollow pockets of air inside, making them float on water. The fake ones may also have lead loaded inside them, resulting in them drowning & giving false results.

The Copper Coin Test

It is generally assumed that if you place a real Rudraksha between two copper coins. It should rotate slightly owing to the electromagnetic properties a Rudraksha bead likely has. Again, like the drowning test, this is not a foolproof solution.

So the better way of knowing whether the bead is original is- an X-ray Certificate report from a trusted Government Lab.  

Who Should Wear 15 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 15 face rudraksha is recommended for those who are suffering because of Rahu. In addition, professionals and executives who aspire to succeed in life can wear the bead since it attracts wealth and prosperity. Wearing this Rudraksha can also benefit those who are spiritually prone to, interested in meditation, or who practice spiritual healing. People with the Virgo (Kanya) sign or rashi, where Mercury is the ruling planet, can take benefit by wearing a fifteen mukhi rudraksha.

At Vedic Realms we have the best prices and a selection of authentically created and crafted 15 mukhi rudraksha beads. In addition, we give our clients full instructions on when and how to wear the beads. Details about any possible negative effects and if they are suitable for them. As an online Rudraksha seller approved by the government. Our online store’s mission is to provide our customers with the best Rudraksha beads available.

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