20 Mukhi / Twenty Face Rudraksha




20 Mukhi Rudraksha

The universe’s creator Lord Brahma has blessed the 20 mukhi rudraksha which is the rarest of all. The wearer of the rudraksha is presented with knowledge, power, and good health in addition to its amazing healing properties. When a person wearing twenty mukhi rudraksha from Nepal is bitten by a snake, the consequences of the bite are lessened or eliminated.

The wearer of 20 mukhi will become truthful and honest in all of their words, deeds, and actions. The rudraksha protects the wearer from negativity. To ensure that you receive twenty mukhi rudraksha blessings, it is recommended to Buy Rudraksha online from a genuine, trusted, and certified trader like Vedic Realms

The Benefit of 20 Mukhi Rudraksha 

When worn with trust and devotion, a natural 20 mukhi rudraksha from Nepal offers several benefits to the wearer:-

  • A 20 mukhi rudraksha is a paralyzing plant material.
  • Autism is controlled and healed by it.
  • Rheumatic diseases knee and joint pain, and arthritis are all reduced by it.
  • It helps in diabetes management.
  • It clears up vision by reducing eye issues.
  • The wearer’s spiritual progress and journey are helped by the twenty mukhi rudraksha.
  • The wearer’s mind is filled with knowledge and is free of doubts and fears.
  • Wearing it provides fame and fortune to the wearer.

20 Mukhi Original Rudraksha Price 

As we have already stated, the cost of twenty mukhi rudraksha may cause important money damage to you. Among all the kinds of Rudraksha, this one is the rarest, most desired, and most in demand.  A 20 mukhi original rudraksha’s price is usually influenced by several factors, such as its shape, carat weight, size (measured in millimeters), and origin. A Nepalese 20 Mukhi rudraksha is worth more than 20 Mukhi from anywhere in the world.

20 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra & Ruling Planet

The ruling planet of 20 Mukhi Rudraksha is Moon & the mantra associated with 20 mukhi is:

“Om Param Brahmane Namah” || “ॐ परम ब्रह्मणे नमः”

How To Find The Original 20 Mukhi Rudraksha 

As per religious books, the only real way of testing whether a 20-face rudraksha is original or not is to do these 3 tests below:-

The Cut Test

The best way to ensure originality is to cut the Rudraksha bead. Should it be genuine, the number of sections should match the Mukhis marks on the outside. The primary issue in this situation is that the bead will be destroyed. thankfully you can examine the Rudraksha with X-rays or CT scans to see if the chambers match the quantity of mukhis present.

The Water Test

Trying to immerse a rudraksha in water is another way of checking its true nature. Since a perfect, genuine Rudraksha is probably denser inside than water, it will likely sink to the bottom, showing its honesty. This is not a perfect plan though, since genuine rudrakshas can also have air pockets inside of them that allow them to float on water. The phony ones might also be filled with lead, which would cause them to drown and produce false results.

The Copper Coin Test

It is generally accepted that because an actual Rudraksha bead probably holds electromagnetic properties, placing it between two copper coins should cause it to rotate slightly. As with the sinking test, there is no assurance with this method. Therefore, an X-ray Certificate report from an established government lab is a better way to figure out whether the bead is original.

Who Should Wear 20 Mukhi Rudraksha

Users of all genders and ages are welcome to wear the 20-face rudraksha. Politicians and leaders who aspire to success should wear this rudraksha. Wearing 20-face rudraksha is suggested for women in creative fields or homemakers. Students should wear this rudraksha if they want to gain a lot of knowledge.

Wearing 20 mukhi is an ideal choice for those looking for logical and spiritual growth and achievement in their lives. The Vishuda and Sahasrara chakras in the body are under the control of the 20 mukhi rudraksha.

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