Vedic Mantras and their Magical Powers

Vedic Mantras and their Magical Powers

The most important aspect to understand that Mantras and Tantras have no similarity or co-relation between them. Mantra as defined in the Vedic Scriptures, ‘Maan’ i.e. the Mind in Sanskrit and ‘Tra’ i.e. to Free in Sanskrit. Mantra is the process of delivering a mindful hymn with the concoction of Vedic Practices. It refers to combination of words that is chanted in a particular order; it is mentioned in verses that on chanting a particular mantra, you can achieve the desired result or fulfil your wish. Tantra wherein is an act of meditation following a process of rituals to free yourself from problems and situations. Both are powerful, but Mantras has a lasting effect and is a slow process of fulfilment.

Mantra if chanted with the right pronunciation has the power to enable your senses in the exact direction to fulfil the purpose. It is performed and interpreted differently in different religions, but the basis is Vedas from which they have been re-written as per their respective religion. Sanatani (the practise of practical and self-contained guide to life) Mantra also evolved into writing forms and was later preached across religions by religious practitioners. It has been a source of power for many to retain the value system and fuel their progress in various aspects of life.

Mantra represents divinities or cosmic powers and is known to create huge influences through the sound vibrations. It is through the pronunciation of those verses to create the sound to call for the divine. It is a condensed form of spiritual energy through which you enable your senses to be activated to release all negative energies and fill yourself with positivity. The Vedic Scriptures always have captured Mantras to be the bridge that a ‘Positivity Aspirant’ can take to cross the delusion created by the external world. Mantras is the essence of Guru Power or Shakti i.e., the power to possess your spiritual master as per Vedas. It is said that through Mantras you can make yourself identical to the positive powers of your Guru. The branch of Metaphysics known as spanda, which deals with science of enternal vibration has confirmed and authenticated the claim.

Power of Mantra

The power of mantra is the actual reality which can be felt only when you shred your artificial self and allow your inner self to transcend. It is then, when mantras are seen by the eyes of the soul rather than heard by the ears. One blessed with the vision of mantra is turns to Rishi (seer).  To create that vision, one needs purity of heart and a perfectly dedicated mind. Only then the transcendental light in which the sense of duality vanishes will appear to the seeker. In the glory of this revelation the body and soul become one. In is that moment, what you unmanifest becomes manifest through the mantra and radiates in the inner chamber of your soul. It is then when you are bound to shine and will be naturally drawn to anything and everything positive. It will power your spontaneous actions to illuminate the path of what you seek and are willing to fulfil.

The science of mantra is a universal truth which has been revealed to only those who have the capacity to receive it, irrespective of place, demographic or topography. The roots of the verses have been tracked to Vedas and found in world’s great spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Sufism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity as well as in the spiritual practices of many tribal societies. The sound of the mantras has the capacity to enlighten your respective senses and mediate with an ability to draw the mind inward. It induces a deeper state of tranquillity than the practice of breath awareness alone. These in a continuous process can help your mind becomes calmer and you gain access to a deeper level of your being. You will be more subtle and overall negative patterns become visible. Manta Science is esoteric to the being of self-awareness and benevolence. You can feel the noticeable effect when you initiate the faith to deep dive into your insight of validating compassion. Nurturing to find the truth and evolving your mind and soul to a certain level of attainment. It is the practice of simply discouraging scepticism, obstacles, clutter, pain and sufferings. Mantra cultivates and deepens to take your conscious and unconscious mind to a positive groove.

The approach of Mantra is simple wherein we make it complex. The mantra science and practice are specific about the rules and laws of initiation. It is to be closely watched as who, when and how it should initiative. It is the responsibility of the Guru or a Teacher to help their students acquire a profound understanding of the initiative, time and process. Mantra practice sets the rhythm to power and bless self within, to align you for a definite direction. The process will ensure you are not misguided any further if you keep renewing and evolving your practice. Your confusion, struggle and obstacles will be burned for good if you see through the mantra mirror and resource the experience to cherish. It will make you a seeker and you will want to know more and more; you keep rising and moving forward. It creates an everlasting lineage for you to look back and only have the best of memories be filled with love and happiness. You will intensely yearn for the fruit of life, and it will only be achieved not only through the practice but through Good Karma as well. The natural process will keep unfolding in front of you to master your thoughts and gradually experience the fulfilment. Keep knocking the door through your Mantra practice for the actual achievement will only be seen or felt when you draw your Spiritual Master towards you.

Mantras work like Magic, one who is the process or have achieved a certain stature of enlightenment could relate to it. It is a mystery for few and thus they always keep away from achieving the completeness in them. They keep longing for attainment, but their curiosity never finds it place for the confusion, scepticism, and struggle they keep bearing in their mind. These are kind of obstacles which keeps you away from the real transcend, and you be a part of that mystery. When you keep aside all of these and start to know some of it, it fuels you to know more and from that point you feel how little we know. You have set your ground and know the path which sets you forth for your journey onwards. You will be fortunate if you keep that burning desire to know and utilizing your resources to experience each stage of your mind and soul upgrade. We at Vedic Realms always keep spreading that, may we all hear, receive, and keep our surrounding purified through Mantra for the World to be one day. May the divine light descend into everyone’s lives and proclaim the name of the Absolute Truth.

Mantras are the hymns of realization, characterization and association to the path of profound holistic definition. – Vedic Realms

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