Why is Self Love the first and most important for shaping destiny?

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Self-Love, as self-explanatory it is to love oneself unconditionally. It is to form a lasting bond and relationship with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have in your life. This is the only form to always keep yourself happy and in any situation. Love for self “regards to one’s own happiness”, is both a basic human necessity and a moral obligation. It is in today’s world which has evolved the concept to ensure and adopt a more positive connotation to happiness and self-worth. The awareness by various mediums has increased an intrinsic way forward.

These deteriorating living conditions across the world poses a negative atmosphere around. The primary focus in today’s conditions should be to promote a positive environment with the fundamental concept of encouraging love, harmony, care, and non-violence. It is all our dedication, perseverance, and empathy towards one another which will define our next generations. Just don’t be advocates of propaganda and be the preach master but practice it with your carefree souls.

 We should start recognizing the active change agents and highlight their soulful actions and encourage self-worth through spreading their knowledge and accepting their self-love.

Achieving self-love

You should first have self-awareness to be worthy to understand self-love. We at Vedic Realms studied few case scenarios, when our self-esteem is affected (in either our childhood or adulthood), we have a duty to ourselves to recognise the cause which made us feel low about ourselves. It’s then our team’s job to counter this by finding solutions and provide to in still self-esteem.

Most of the time we hear people say, “I have low on confidence, I am very shy, I get very nervous, I am not worthy, I am so on and on…”. We always say, “It is OK” to feel that way, there must be that situation which makes you feel awful for you to have to opportunity to nurture your internal aspects and move out of it. But we always suggest you shouldn’t just keep it as is, you should act or ask for guidance or support.

As for example, if your parents made few hurtful comments to you as a kid, you should have no excuse to let those comments affect you as an adult. You are no longer that person. It’s a part of our life which we have left and moved ahead and is not your life right now. It is not you; you are a changed and evolved individual. You shouldn’t continue to live by a story created in the past and choose to suffer. The experience won’t have been good but that doesn’t mean your life has to be the same now. There must come a time when you realise you are stronger, powerful and evolving.

The secret to self-love is to form an unconditional loving relationship with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the first and most important relationship. It is the vision which you create for the outer world to see and that is how your life is formulated. So, you need to be happy and satisfied with what you have as a personality and who you are. You must be comfortable in your own skin.

Just be you, stop waiting for other’s permission to be happy for yourself. You do not need anything or anyone else to love yourself, first is you and others loving you is a bonus. You don’t need cars, houses, lovers, fancy clothes, or holidays. You need to find self-love through consistently working on your mind and your soul to validate and authenticate your being.

Vedic Realms experts have derived few mediums to enhance your self-esteem and enable you to flourish as the unique and wonderful human being you are meant to be. It is with an unique methodology wherein we have practiced the formats in random individuals to ascertain the best result be achieved.

1- Let’s Appreciate

You should start appreciating in what you are, how you are, what you do and what you stand for. An individual shouldn’t stop appreciate his or her effort however futile it seems for them. If you start appreciating your effort your good and noble ways won’t hide away and bless you with rewards. When you seek an understanding from Vedic Realms team after the course of sessions, to name few of your attributes which they appreciate and something they don’t, you can very well strike the right chord through the emphasis they make. They should be able to build upon their existing reputation.

Make it your duty to appreciate self so that others can appreciate you too. So, let your guard down and let people in and accept compliments. You are unique, so let your light shine bright.

2- Let’s Accept

You must accept as in, as is on your ways and means of driving the good life. Let go of comparisons and accept who you are. Your expectation can be fuelled through acceptance. What others think of you shouldn’t worry you at all. And for the world creating problems for who you are and accepting what you are, then those elements don’t deserve to be an integral part of your life. Embrace yourself with your demerits, imperfections, flaws, challenges, and the path ahead will change for you forever.

There always are certain elements or things in everyone’s life that can’t be changed. So, just come over those and stop thinking, complaining, and being pensive over it. The more you grim over, the more your love elements move out of you. It will make you feel upset and won’t allow the good changes to happen. It is you, yourself who must take that courageous step to change and accept you as you.

3- Let’s be Kind

You didn’t come to this world by mistake, it was for a purpose and acknowledge it for setting your course. Your contribution will matter and however small it can be. But, let me tell you each of your mistake is going to cost dearly. So, be ‘KIND’ to yourself and spend time to ponder on each action for they derive your version. You must treat yourself with extra kindness as you would have treated someone much dearer and closer to you. Shed off all your intent to question yourself with harsh trials but make yourself familiar to nuclear intervals. You should make it a habit to practice is so well that everyone around immediately picks the practice as a habit.

You must reframe your negative self-talk. You must think for yourself and not take anything on board for your next action be hampered or your positive intent be disturbed.

The act of kindness starts with being with people who loves you and visit places that makes you happy. Get every notion of negativity out of your head, to avoid pouring that into your heart and stop your footsteps from progressing. You think beating yourself or feeling guilty is going to work, you would be highly mistaken. Other’s behaviour towards you is for their benefit, you must look for yours which benefit you. Keep them away and tag along those who are your agents of change.

4- Let’s Care

You must take care of yourself without fail to sustain your positive truth and not agony. It is recommended by our Vedic Realms experts to have ‘Meditation’ as a ritual every morning or night as per your schedule. It should start helping you to visualize the affirmations and put forward your manifestation.

  • You are best how you look
  • You are best how you walk
  • You are best how you talk
  • You are best how you dress
  • You are best how you feel
  • You are best how you stand

So, moving forward with this passion you should have the understand your mission. Caring is what will give the blessing. It is your care which will help you to nurture the best in you to fulfil your desires.

5- Let’s Value

This is the ultimate sense of passion and the reason to relate to your vision. If you don’t value yourself, your action, your dreams, your mentions, you will be termed only as a failed creation. So, you should acknowledge to value yourself as a purposeful creation through each step towards your vision. You should be passionate to sense your purpose and believe it to own it and to live it. There are factors of believing the value in every direction, it is for you to understand the purpose and the notion. It is sure you will have factors to even help you believe in the value with every intention and turning into a fulfilled personification.

You don’t neglect your purpose and thus your loss your value with each intention. We ate Vedic Realms have always kept this on our mention ‘to value’ should be your utmost mission.

6- Let’s Gratitude

It is grateful for you being born as a human, so dissemination of ‘Gratitude’ is also a very important lesson. You shouldn’t be sad with any of your feedback and how people at times make you miserable in a situation. You should practice ‘Gratitude’ as an injection to push you always at the time of such a situation. You can’t let yourself be sad, miserable and fail in your future aspects of your action. So, living with a bit of gratitude can help you come over all these negative aspects in circulation.

The Vedic Realms Team suggest living with an attitude of gratitude. If possible, keep a writing pad or diary to write down your lengths of the days to keep understanding the variation. These will help you to return a favour to those feedback with gratitude for you to train yourself and align your mind to the practice of self-love.

This is not just through thoughts but through action which will enable you to feel good, be rejuvenated and produce the warmth. It is not an activity overnight and a result for lifetime but a process to carry your purpose be etched in your re-births till next life. Your act of self-love will enhance, evolve, and embrace the act of ancient practice for building a purpose of somebody. Let’s keep it alive and build to structure a better tomorrow without losing any more lives.

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