Why Does Lord Shiva Wear Rudraksha?

Why Does Lord Shiva Wear Rudraksha? | Vedicrealms

To know the origin & why Lord Shiva wear rudraksha, we must go way back through our ancient scriptures. The story of Rudraksha’s birth goes as such – “A long time ago, an asura by the name of Tripurasura wrought destruction on Earth.” He killed anyone who opposed him, tortured others, and set towns on fire. He did enormous harm to both humanity and the world. Though his strength shocked gods and humans also, nothing could stop his madness. 

The gods eventually had enough and begged Lord Shiva to put a stop to Tripurasura. They prayed to Lord Shiva to deliver justice to humanity by showing the true power of rudraksha to defeat the demon’s terrifying grasp.

Lord Shiva went into “sadhana” (meditation) upon hearing this. Several years later, he lost his focus. Tears shaped like lotuses started to fall to the ground. The first rudraksha tree was created on Earth when Shiva’s tears rained onto it. But it would be unfair to claim that Rudraksha is just another one of Shiva’s creations. Lord Shiva quotes truly the rudraksha has magical powers.

Who is Shiva – He is one of the most respected gods of Hinduism, Shiva (Siva) is a part of the holy trinity, or trimurti, together with Brahma ji and Vishnu lord. Shiva is a multifaceted figure who acts as the Protector and might stand for kindness and generosity. In addition, Shiva is connected to Time as such, he is the creator and destruction of everything.

How Do Rudraksha Beads Work?

Rudraksha beads are believed to work by activating hand acupressure points, which can benefit multiple organs and body systems. You can enhance your spiritual journey towards Lord Shiva with our authentic product. Buy Rudraksha Beads at an affordable price to elevate your meditation practice. It helps in increased energy and an overall sense of well-being.  

However, wearing rudraksha with different amount of faces will undoubtedly provide the wearer with blessings of that specific god connected to rudraksha. Every face of the bead is linked with a different god. As an example, Lord Shiva is associated with a 1 mukhi rudraksha bead, but 6 mukhi rudraksha is linked with Lord Kartikeya. Thus, It is said that there are emotional and spiritual benefits of wearing a rudraksha bead with the right amount of faces/mukhis.

Scientific Benefits Of Wearing Rudraksha

Due to ignorance, most people mistakenly identify rudraksha with religious items yet, scientific studies have demonstrated that rudraksha possesses electromagnetic properties that have extraordinary effects on our bodies. It also relaxes and revitalizes our body and mind, and it directs the beneficial flow of energy. Since the headline is “scientific benefits of wearing rudraksha,” most of you are probably curious as to how; so here are some pointers that will help to clarify:

Balance Our Senses

Every physical part of our body is connected by a continuous blood supply that runs from the heart to the brain and towards the other body parts, creating a bio-electric circuit. This circuit works perfectly when we are in comfort, but because of our wild way of living. The environment and stress we face interrupt our proper working. This disturbance causes some diseases. As a result, since Rudraksha balances our bodies and calms our hearts and senses, wearing one will assist in helping these issues.

Build Personality

People with unique personality traits like confidence, intelligence, patience, etc. are regularly observed. These personality traits are the result of the brain’s effective management and control. It is said that those with strong mental and physical abilities are powerful. As a result, Rudraksha beads with a particular Mukhi or face shape the wearer’s personality and assist in sending planned, good brain instincts.

Anti-Inflammatory Qualities

Although the energy of rudraksha was discussed above, it also offers advantages for physical health. Additionally well-known for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities are rudraksha beads. Because rudraksha is a high source of Vitamin C, drinking water absorbed in it will help you develop resistance to a variety of ailments.

Importance Of Rudraksha & Rudraksha Mala – Lord Shiva

We have now identified the main reasons for the importance of rudraksha or rudraksha mala. Whether spiritually or scientifically it benefits both the way. However, let us discuss why it is worn by Lord Shiva:

Bring The Positive Change to life

It is believed that saying just one mantra consistently can have a significant impact on someone’s life. To be grateful for all the good changes that result from owning it, one must recognize its value and make sure to touch it to their forehead every day.

Remove The Disturbance

For people who are always on the go, Rudraksha Mala creates a shield of energy that enables the user to sleep well and make other adjustments with ease. Rudraksha helps the user focus on the objective by helping them avoid life’s distractions.

Enhance Your Mental Health

It is generally well known for its magical therapeutic communication that can help in the treatment of several physical and mental illnesses. It is especially helpful in treating neurotic disorders and stabilizing in mental stability of patients.

Increase Your Financial Stability

The Rudraksha Mala keeps the wearer from going hungry while shielding them from unexpected expenses and losses. By wearing rudraksha, you can help clear the path leading to a wealth of all obstacles. Making important decisions should not scare you since Rudraksha assures wearers and believers of success in all ambitions.

Rudraksha Healing And Meditation

Shiva has gifted this magical Rudraksha to mankind. Many people think that Rudraksha represents the connection between God and humanity, or between earth and heaven. Rudraksha is therefore the only object of worship and a means of achieving enlightenment. One can describe Rudraksha in terms of ek mukhi rudraksha to rudraksha 21 mukhi. It is said that Rudraksha is essential for anyone looking for prosperity and happiness in life. Additionally, it is thought that the Rudraksha bead greatly lessens the negative impacts of malefic planets. They provide the wearer with security. A Rudraksha is thought to be the most auspicious and potent bead there is.

During meditation, the energy and texture of Rudraksh’s can help with focus and awareness. You can use flowers as a primary point while meditating by wearing them, which will help you concentrate and reduce distractions. Rudraksha’s many faces are each connected to a different god. Flowers are believed to represent many chakras and subtle energy centers in the body, according to Mukhi. You can balance and harmonize the connected points within yourself by wearing or focusing on a special Rudraksha gemstone.


Rudraksha beads are an essential part of Hinduism and are believed to have medical and spiritual blessings. Rudraksha works by promoting pressure points in the body, which raise energy levels and an overall sense of well-being. It is believed that wearing a Rudraksha bead with the right amount of face has spiritual and emotional advantages. Wearing rudraksha helps you to shape your mentality and focus. It is generally well known for its magical therapeutic abilities. So if you are searching to Buy Rudraksha Online consider purchasing from a known trusted vendor like Vedicrealms.

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