Rudraksha For Meditation | 3 Mukhi, 6 Mukhi & 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudraksha For Meditation | 3 Mukhi, 6 Mukhi & 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

The seed of a particular tree named Eleocarpus Ganitrus is known as a rudraksha. The seed is usually grown in high-elevation mountains mainly in the Himalayan region. According to Hindu mythology the rudraksha bead has immense religious, spiritual and materialistic significance. Rudraksha is regarded in Hindu mythology as a symbol of connection between earth and sky. Meditation is a powerful tool for mental clarity, stress reduction, and spiritual growth. One of the traditional meditation instruments, the Rudraksha bead, is said to enhance the contemplative experience and increase one’s relationship with the divine. It is said that rudraksha contains the secret of the entire universe’s evolution within itself. There are a few of them left in India because most of the trees are used to make railway sleepers. Nowadays, they are mostly found in Burma, Nepal & Thailand.

The Best Quality Rudraksha comes from the high altitudes of Nepal because of factors like soil & atmosphere. These rudraksha beads are known for their unique vibrations. In this blog, we will learn about meditation, rules to wear, and which rudraksha is best for meditation. 

What Is Rudraksha Meditation?

Rudraksha mediation is a discipline that teaches people to control beliefs that come every second. If a rudraksha is worn by a person close to his heart it helps to control emotions and appear undefeated in most of the difficult conditions. By doing meditation regularly one can improve its physical fitness, stamina, strength, and stability of mind.

In mediation, fixing the mind on external or internal things is known as Dharana(focus). Externally the mind is fixed on the picture of lord Rama, lord Krishna, and lord Hari or any other point or object. Internally it can fixed on any part of the body or chakra, after having control over the Pratyahara(withdrawal of the senses) and Pranayama( breath technique) to control Prana & Indriyas. You should try to focus on your thoughts or breath technique.

There is only one Vritti (flow of awareness) or wave in the mind lake according to the Dharana. The mind believes in one thing at a time. All other operations of the mind are stopped. As per our yoga school, a yogi can stop his breathing by Kumbhaka(Holding the breath) for 20 minutes because he has a good dharana. He has a good calmness of mind. Pranayama destroys the Vikshepa(distraction), stable the mind, and enhances the power of focusing.

Rudraksha For Meditation and Peace

Finding peace and achieving balance in their lives is an individual purpose for many people. Astrologer’s query arises, of which rudraksha beads are best for peace of mind and meditation. For those people who desire to elevate his/her spiritual history. The rudraksha bead of 1 mukhi is considered as most powerful. It represents the lord shiva himself and is connected with freedom and culture. The 1 mukhi rudraksha is considered to promote intense states of meditation, self-belief, and waking up of awareness. It helps to dissolve the conflicts within the mind and develop a peaceful mentality.

There are special advantages and features of mediation associated with rudraksha beads, such as 3 mukhi, 7 mukhi, and 6 mukhi. The  3 mukhi rudraksha bead is associated with Lord Agni(fire) and is thought to promote bravery, self-control & adaptation. Three-face rudraksha beads link with the alignment of the Chakra and increase the exploration for inner peace.

The 7 mukhi rudraksha is connected with the god Mahalakshmi & is believed to bring surplus wealth and religious development. The 6 mukhi rudraksha is associated with Lord Kartikeya and is considered to increase focus and academic knowledge. The above rudraksha bead helps to control emotional stability, relieve stress, and promote a sense of inner peace and well-being.

Rules To Wear Energized Rudraksha

There are many rules to energize the rudraksha beads, a few of them are:

  • For the first time when wearing a rudraksha bead, you must do the Pran prathistha(energize) of the rudraksha bead/mala from a Brahmin pandit in a Shiv temple. Make sure you follow the Vidhi of saying the mantras as provided in our religious books.
  • Whenever you wear the rudraksha bead(after its pooja), say a minimum of 3 times or 11 times the “Om Namah Shivah” mantra. You can also repeat the mantra mentally(mansik jaap) rather than loudly.
  • If you are not wearing the rudraksha place it in a small bowl and keep it in your prayer room. 
  • Always remember with dirty hands never touch the rudraksha bead.
  • After wearing the rudraksha don’t replace the bead with anyone as it absorbs the negative energies of that person.

Does Rudraksha Have Side Effects?

Well as for now the reaction is NO. In Hindu culture, beads are thought to have originated from Lord Shiva’s tears & are a blessing from Mother Earth. After doing the Pran Pratsitha every person can wear a rudraksha to gain health advantages, irrespective of religious belief, caste, age, or culture. When rudraksha beads are worn as per traditions and placed properly they attract positive strength & energy. Rudraksha protects a wearer from harmful negative energies. These rudraksha beads work as a type of protection against these negative energies like black magic.


In religious practices, It is well known that rudraksha can help to balance one’s mental state. Wearing rudraksha during meditational activity helps to maintain mental peace and develop a sense of calmness, it is due to the balancing effect of 3 mukhi or 7 mukhi rudraksha. Above we have discussed the rules of rudraksha and side effects while wearing it or removing it. At the same time, the personal experience may vary about experiencing rudraksha’s beads. But the deep-rooted thoughts & cultural importance of rudraksha continue to attract an individual’s inner stability and peace of mind. So, for people who are searching for a rudraksha bead, it is recommended to buy a good quality rudraksha from a trusted and secure vendor.

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