The purple wonder transforms low energies to higher level. These are found in rock geodes which are present in creeks and rivers. Amethyst in the purest form are found in Madagascar, Myanmar, Siberia and Sri Lanka. They form in cluster blocks and are never found stand alone rocks or stones. Amethyst has incredible spiritual and metaphysical power. Amethyst has divine energy and is the birthstone for individuals born in the month of February.

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As mentioned, the capability of Amethyst is incredible. Amethyst has immense metaphysical properties. Amethyst crystal helps you to with emotional and spiritual protection. This crystal properties help you to break anxious thoughts and move an individual to higher consciousness. This crystal has healing properties which help an individual to block any negative and stressful energies. The overall metaphysical abilities help an individual to provide serenity and calmness to their minds. As Amethyst can be good for many other aspects in bringing love and affection in one’s life. 

The amethyst crystal is used to channel happiness and prosperity. But for all it is to note that you should be aware about the right way of using or wearing amethyst crystal. There are basic rituals to activate amethyst before you start using it. An individual needs to consult an expert Vedic Practitioner or Vedic Astrologer the user need amethyst to be worn as it is a powerful crystal.

Amethyst crystal can do wonders for the bearer if they are aligned with the rituals and activated the stone before wearing it. It can bring in exceptional mind positivity and consciousness. But if you haven’t got the rituals right it might slowly fade your prosperity for the crystal won’t have much strength to be acting as the source of power to the individual. Specially, any type of crystal needs nurturing like a baby, you must be extra careful in where you are keeping it, storing it or how you are wearing it. Because of the natural elements being present in them, crystal’s healing capability can only be activated with proper care and nurture. Many thinks for crystals to just have beauty characteristics which can only be used as a jewellery but that’s incorrect.

Amethyst itself has about 57 varieties which are the core groups, those further have 117 sub-groups with various patterns, shape, colour and elements. If we have to mentioned few of the core groups which are, Raw Amethyst, Purple Amethyst, Black Amethyst, Red Amethyst, Dark Amethyst, Light Amethyst, Brandberg Amethyst, Aura Amethyst, Grape Amethyst etc. There are many other types of this crystals which as per reports from Gemological Institute of America (GIA), haven’t been explored yet. Amethyst or the Purple Quartz because of it activating your third eye can be used as beads or as a gem for them to be effective. Please do not take this semi-precious word with it to be low in it’s efficiency, amethyst crystal is immensely powerful only that you need to be the right taker for it. A crystal chooses its master and you are not the one who can buy it for just some mere value.

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