Healing Crystals

Crystals as they are literally known or called, the prefix is because of the capability they hold. Crystals naturally hold the capability of healing with their formation in due course of time, with the presence of earthy elements and compounds in them. Healing crystals are blessing to mankind. It is thus mentioned that healing crystals protect against different kinds of negativity. Their formulation process embeds natural elements from earth, compressed to form each crystal with unique healing capabilities. Healing crystals or healing stones must be worn or used only when recommended by a Vedic Practitioner or Vedic Astrologer. You should never buy healing crystals without understanding the actual benefit of its use in your horoscope or your planetary position.

Healing stones or crystals for sale or available online doesn’t guarantee your protection from negativity. Many buys healing crystal or stones as jewellery but should be consulted with a Vedic Practitioner or Vedic Astrologer, if it suits the individual planetary position or horoscope. As crystals are for healing and protecting us from various negativity elements, it should be used with caution. Healing Stones or Crystals can be detrimental to your growth or success. These crystals or healing stones have earth crust, metals, sometimes remains of other planets, which must be lab tested for understanding the actual use of that stone or healing crystal. Before, anyone starts using a healing crystals or healing stone, they must activate it as per their date of birth and planetary positions. There are rituals which must be instructed by a Vedic Practitioner to be practised by the individual by placing the crystal in a definite position by your place of work or place of worship. This is a mandatory clause even if someone wants to use healing crystals and healing stones as part of jewellery.

There are many unauthenticated platforms which offer better pricing but doesn’t give a ‘Testing Report’ of the crystal or healing stone. So, the criteria of selecting the best healing crystal or healing stone depends on the element present in the crystal to suit your horoscope. We are ourselves responsible for our success and growth, so why not choose tested and ritual activated healing crystal for us.

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