Green Aventurine


Green Aventurine: As the luckiest considered in the quartz or crystal family. This has a soothing green colour which comes from the presence of fuchsite particles. The colour of Green Aventurine depends in the impurities it consists for it has the variation in its tone. The meaning of green aventurine is mineral of silicon dioxide which was first discovered in 1837.

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It has a positive note embedded with soothing the wearers energy and balancing the emotions. It calms all disturbing thoughts and wades out all nervousness, anger, irritation and stress.

Green Aventurine crystal helps to add up to your strength, confidence, courage, and happiness all in the right direction. It supports to embrace optimism for life and fills you with the drive to acquire your dreams and stand accomplished. This crystal or healing stone urges to get out of your comfort zone and take up new opportunities. The Green Aventurine properties include opening the wearer’s heart chakra, or any of the blocked pulse points but remember to not confuse it that it will clear a heart blockage without seeing a qualified vedic practitioner. The green aventurine healing properties include wiping out electromagnetic pollution, unresolved conflicts, heartache, trauma and emotional issues. Thus, making it a powerful healing crystal for anxiety and stress. Green Aventurine gives an anti-inflammatory effect and eases any skin eruptions, allergies, migraines, and soothes the eyes but only when you ask a Vedic Practitioner to be mentioned with visuals or information of the exact inflammation. This crystal has healing properties to heal issues with your lungs, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.

This crystal is a cherished protective shield or defence system against one’s personal negative energies. others who wish to attach themselves to use one’s personal energy as their own. Used during meditation, Green Aventurine may be programmed with quite a strong intent based on one’s desired attributes of this lovey stone. It is recommended that green aventurine should be worn as close to the heart or at any of the recommended pulse points. Green Aventurine crystal ring or Green Aventurine bracelet can be less effective than a Green Aventurine Necklace which in beads form can have healing the holistic health and wiping out electromagnetic pollution. By resolving conflicts, trauma and negative emotions this crystal attracts great things in life.

Green aventurine crystal boosts immunity by uplifting your heart health and healing, bringing in vitality and abundance. This crystal needs to be cleansed regularly under expert supervision of a Vedic Practitioner. The activated and cleansed crystal should be placed as per Vedic Practitioner’s guidance at the exact location of your house with the right consciousness and intent. The crystal will then activate and increase the natural elements which will purify the environment. It is also sometimes recommended that Green Aventurine placed in your child’s bedroom, or your place of study can open the opportunities for you and enhance growth and prosperity. But if you haven’t got the rituals right it might slowly fade your prosperity for the crystal won’t have much strength to be acting as the source of power to the individual. A crystal chooses its master, so if you think you can buy it for just some mere value then you are mistaken.

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