How To Know Original Rudraksha? 5 Easy Ways to Find Originality

How To Know Original Rudraksha? 5 Easy Ways to Find Originality

Before discussing How to know the authenticity of the original rudraksha, Let us first know what rudraksha means. The term rudraksha is the name given to the religious beads from ancient Hindu worship. It originates from the Sanskrit word Rudra which represents lord Shiva & Aksha means teardrops. Old literature including Shiv Puran, Rudrakshabalopnishad, and Shri Gurucharitra all make reference to these beads. It is believed that rudraksha are formed from the tears of Lord Shiva. These beads are the true blessing of Lord Shiva itself & for good health and wellness, people used rudraksha for years. Astrologers often wonder how we can know the original Rudraksha. The question emerged when many companies/businesses started selling rudraksha made from wood & scamming devotees.

Understanding the natural qualities of the bead and being able to tell true from fake aspects are necessary for identifying a genuine Rudraksha, which is both an art and a science. As individuals go out on their spiritual quests, selecting genuine Rudraksha becomes crucial. In this blog, we will learn how to know original rudraksha beads and their various types.

Various Types Of Rudraksha

Talking about the rudraksha types, there are 21 different varieties of rudraksha available depending upon the number of stripes it has. Several planets and gods govern different rudraksha beads. Let’s have a look at each variety of rudraksha.

Rudraksha Ruling Planet Ruling God
1 Mukhi Rudraksha Uranus Lord Shiva
2 Mukhi Rudraksha Moon Ardhanarishvara
3 Mukhi Rudraksha Sun God AgniDev
4 Mukhi Rudraksha Mercury Lord Brahma
5 Mukhi Rudraksha Jupiter Kaalagni Rudra
6 Mukhi Rudraksha Mars Lord Kartikeya
7 Mukhi Rudraksha Venus Mahalakshmi
8 Mukhi Rudraksha Ketu Lord Ganesha
9 Mukhi Rudraksha Rahu Goddess Durga
10 Mukhi Rudraksha Not Ruled By Any Planet Lord Krishna
11 Mukhi Rudraksha Mars All Rudra’s
12 Mukhi Rudraksha Sun Lord Sun
13 Mukhi Rudraksha Moon & venus Lord Kamdev
14 Mukhi Rudraksha Mars & Saturn Lord Hanuman
15 Mukhi Rudraksha Mercury Pashupatinath
16 Mukhi Rudraksha Moon Mahamrityunjaya
17 Mukhi Rudraksha Saturn Katyayani Devi
18 Mukhi Rudraksha Earth Bhumi Devi
19 Mukhi Rudraksha Mercury Narayana
20 Mukhi Rudraksha Moon Lord Brahma
21 Mukhi Rudraksha Venus Lord Kuber

Religious Beliefs Related To Rudraksha

According to our Vedic books in Hinduism, one can achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha in his/her life by the grace of rudraksha. Scientific perspectives of rudraksha have also come out in public in addition to religious ones. According to science, wearing rudraksha has several benefits for instance the emission of electromagnetic and paramagnetic waves which is a blessing in a person’s life as it creates an aura around you that positively impact your physical & mental health. This explains why people of all ages are going crazy over being fascinated by Rudraksha. In the present day, most people think only about making money. Many of them make money by selling fake rudraksha and by fooling others. By using chemicals or other methods people change the formation of rudraksha & sell it as the original. 

What Are Fake Rudraksha Beads?

Retailers are producing fake rudraksha beads using chemicals or other materials, and they are easily available in sizes ranging from 2 to 14 mukhi. The 1 mukhi rudraksha that is known in the market can never be round & the sign of roundness clearly shows a fake 1 mukhi rudraksha. Yet under the standing of roundness, many nasty suppliers are selling fake rudraksha beads made from 5 mukhi beads, betel nuts & berries.

A tree called Badraksha that you identify in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The seeds of this plant look like a Rudraksha. This rudraksha doesn’t have any natural opening or recovery benefits. Round one face rudraksha is popularly sold at well-known temple towns, websites, and shops at different price ranges.  A large fake rudraksha bead is made by the method of gluing and you can check its falseness by the boiling effect. 

How To Identify The Original Rudraksha?

Are you thinking about how to know whether a rudraksha is original or not? There are several ways to know the originality of Rudraksha. Here are some of them:

Copper Coin Test:

In this test, a rudraksha bead is positioned in the middle of two coins & it is believed that if the rudraksha is original it will spin. However, this test doesn’t have an exact outcome so you cannot depend on this test only.

Artificial Color Test:

If you see a rudraksha that is too dark in color. So be careful before buying these rudraksha beads as they may colored artificially. You can check the rudraksha bead by the method of discoloration. The color of the genuine rudraksha bead is uniform and does not show any signs of discoloration.

The Water Test:

In this test, you have to immerse Rudraksha in water. A perfect or genuine rudraksha is denser and it will sink to the bottom by proving its originality.  Original rudraksha has hollow pockets of air inside making them float in water but this is not a guaranteed test for rudraksha. As per reports a fake rudraksha is made from lead inside & it helps rudraksha to float in water or produce incorrect results.

The X-Ray Test:

Whether a rudraksha is original, fake, or altered you can test it by X-Ray method. The number of compartments that are present in rudraksha is the same as those of mukhis & each compartment has a bead in it. X-Ray test helps us to know whether a bead contains an equal amount of compartments or not. For instance, if you do a test of 11 mukhi rudraksha the original bead has 11 compartments & 11 seeds present in it.

The Eye-Test:

A fake rudraksha cannot be made as real as the original rudraksha bead. A trained eye can easily spot the difference in line and compartments between a real and a fake one. Thus eye test is also applicable for testing rudraksha originality.


In our Vedic mythology, it is believed that rudraksha has spiritual and medical properties. Wearing an authentic rudraksha bead gives you spiritual and emotional benefits. Rudraksha bead works by triggering the body handling points which increase the mental clarity & energy levels of a person. Rudraksha removes the negative effects of energies like black magic. So if you are exploring for buying a rudraksha, we recommend you buy a genuine rudraksha bead from a reputed and trusted source in the best & low-priced method to ensure their quality.

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